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What's on Pages 4 & 5 of Us Weekly's Palin-Bashing Issue
"Michelle glowed in a silk radzimir kimono dress from Thakoon."
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I scanned the pages of Us Weekly magazine over the weekend.

As if there were any doubt about how much of an Obama propagandist vehicle Us has become, behold: “Michelle’s Campaign Style.” We learn that “Michelle’s style can best be described as ‘timeless’ and that she prefers ‘festive jewel-toned dresses.'” We learn that she “possesses a natural and unpretentious sophistication” and that she “has the grace and beauty of a dancer” whether she’s wearing her “silk faille Moschino jacket,” or the “teal silk Narcisco Rodriguez dress.” On August 23, Us Weekly informs its millions of readers, “Michelle rocked a printed cotton poplin Moschino wrap dress.” And “on the night Barack, 47, accepted that nomination for the presidency,” we are told, “Michelle glowed in a silk radzimir kimono dress from Thakoon:

Michelle Obama = Beautiful gazelle in simple and chic designer fabrics!

Sarah Palin = Scary, right-wing scandal-plagued caribou killer!

Nope, no bias here. Perhaps Us Weekly’s editors will argue, as MSNBC execs have argued, that they aren’t left-leaning political hacks in Hollyweird gossip rag clothing. They just have “passion and point of view.”


You’ll recall that on Friday evening, a reader e-mailed to inform us that Us Weekly was begging her not to cancel her subscription. The magazine’s customer service department asked those canceling subscriptions to give Us Weekly a chance: “In all fairness, we ask you please take the time to read the story before deciding to cancel. After reading should you still wish to cancel, please let us know and we will honor your request.”

Well, the six-page partisan hit job is every bit as smear-y and dishonest as the cover. Us weasel editor Bradley Jacobs claimed that Us deserved praise for being “one of the few magazines that actually did call to task those liberal bloggers for the news stories [the rumors about baby Trig being sister Bristol’s baby] over the weekend.”

But the article makes zero mention of any of those liberal slime bloggers. Instead, here is how the magazine played up those rumors. Look at the big, red “Where’s the Bump?” headline. The caption reads: “In an earlier pregnancy (left), Palin had a visible bump. In a 2008 photo (right), used online to call Palin’s pregnangy into question, she is six months pregnant with her fifth baby.”

Bill Maher approves.


The US Weekly boycott continues.

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• Category: Ideology • Tags: Media Bias, Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin