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P.D.S. Alert: Us Magazine's Partisan Hit Job
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The next time you’re waiting at the grocery stands and tempted to buy Us magazine, stop and think again. Unless you’re buying it for oppo research, you may not want to put money in the pockets of rabid partisans who have turned their gossip rag into a propaganda arm for the Democrat Party.

This is the cover of the latest issue of Us:

Now, let me remind you who and what Us magazine put on its June 19, 2008 cover:

A source forwards the following e-mail from former Clinton operative and Us weekly flack, Mark Neschis, that went out to all media in St. Paul:

Thought I would send over our Us Weekly/Sarah Palin cover story, on stands Friday, if helpful in your coverage. Might be useful as an illustration of how the news is playing out.(Us Weekly has 12 million, mostly female readers)

Mark Neschis

Corporate Communications Director

Wenner Media

Us Weekly | Rolling Stone | Men’s Journal

Steve Hayes notes that Us publisher Jann Wenner is a prominent Obama donor.

Wenner also publishes Rolling Stone, which deified Obama in March. Remember?:


The use of the gossip rags to shape the election is all part and parcel of the Brangelina-fication of the Obamas that I wrote about earlier this summer. They are pulling out all the stops to glorify The One and demonize all who stand in his way.

Truth, fairness, and decency be damned.

Palin Derangement Syndrome photoshop: David Lunde


Readers are leaving their two cents about Us magazine’s partisan hit job on the rag’s website here.



The Tabloidization of Palin: The strategy is to deny her any credibility or gravitas by turning her into a tabloid soap-opera star.

Could it work? Sure, it could. But they have a lot running against them, too.

Let’s sort of remind them:

Bristol Palin, a 17 year old girl, is not, in fact, running for Vice President, and probably is not even eligible for the position until she successfully passes Civic Studies.

I know Obama would like to run against Bristol Palin. He might actually have more experience and gravitas than she does.

Then again, she’s quite young. In a few years, Barack will be salivating to run against Willow.


The National Enquirer jumps on the Palin-bashing bandwagon.

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