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While Louisiana Prepares for Hurricane Gustav, Dems Gloat and Guffaw; RNC Opening Night Cancelled; Fowler Apologizes; Gustav Hits Land
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Scroll for updates…RNC opening night cancelled…McCain via Bloomberg: “We are facing a great national challenge,” McCain said in remarks sent by video from St. Louis to Republicans gathering in St. Paul, Minnesota, for the nominating convention. “We have to do away with party politics and we have to act as Americans”…Fowler apologizes…Gustav slams into La. coast…

First, please read this e-mail from reader/commenter CantCureStupid, who is a member of the Louisiana Army National Guard. She asks for your thoughts and prayers as the people of his state ready for the storm:

Hi Michelle.

I’m a new member to the site and a big fan, and right now I’m experiencing a brief (and rare) moment of downtime. I am a member of the Louisiana Army National Guard, and we are up to our nostrils in preparations for Hurricane Gustav. There is a lot going on right now in south Louisiana, but mostly we are watching this monster bear down on us and hoping for the best. I wanted you to know, as a soldier who also had to suffer through the cluster that was Katrina, that we are 1000% better prepared (God Bless Bobby Jindal!!), and that while hoping for the best, we are completely prepared for the worst and ready to do what needs to be done to ensure the safety of the people of this state.

I am sure, as a fan of your site, that the vast majority of your fantastic commenters are keeping us in their thoughts and prayers. Most of us are very aware of how sick the rest of the nation must be to hear the namby-pamby cry baby stuff that still comes out of the New Orleans area three years after Katrina, but I would ask for prayer and support for my soldiers, who have nothing to do with politics and who show up and serve whenever called upon.

God Bless America and God Bless Louisiana!!!

New Orleans is under mandatory evacuation orders this morning. Here’s a disaster preparedness round-up from Glenn Reynolds. And Weather Nerd and hurricane blogger Brendan Loy is tracking the latest developments.

Per Gov. Bobby Jindal’s order at 4am this morning: “As directed by Governor Jindal, Louisiana State Police will initiate contraflow at 4:00 AM Sunday morning. For the first time in history, the entire Louisiana coastal population will be evacuated due to the impending threat of Hurricane Gustav.”

We know who won’t be praying for their success and safety: tolerant, peaceful liberals wishing the worst on Republicans in Gustav’s path and laughing about the possibility of grave destruction.

Exhibit A: Michael Moore (via Allah).

Exhibit B: Former DNC chair Don Fowler (via redstate diarist Absentee, who caught Fowler and Democrat Rep. John Spratt’s candid, malicious comments on a plane from Denver to Charlotte. Transcript via Ed Morrissey.

The hurricane’s going to hit New Orleans about the time they start. [Chuckle] The timing is — at least it appears now that it’ll be there Monday. That just demonstrates that God’s on our side. [Laughter] … Everything’s cool.

God is not on your side, gloating sleazeballs.

Our Louisiana Army National Guard’s screen name says it all: Can’t Cure Stupid.


How to help with Gustav preparation and recovery efforts.

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