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Daddy Yankee Endorsement: Another Pathetic McCain Pander
Juan Hernandez approves!
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Can someone, anyone, in the McCain camp stop him from self-immolation? Can the open-borders GOP establishment drive a bigger wedge between the conservative base and the GOP ticket?

Last week, it was the RNC ad touting McCain’s shamnesty superiority over Obama. Today, it’s McCain goofily, stupidly, standing with Puerto Rican singer Daddy Yankee for the all-important reggaeton vote while teenagers squealed. Celeb-u-pocrisy, anyone? The singer, whose real name is Ramon Ayala, singled out McCain’s sponsorship of the shamnesty bill as the reason for his endorsement:

“He’s been a fighter for the Hispanic community and I know that, me personally, I’m choosing the best candidate, because he’s been a fighter for the immigration issues,” Ayala said. “So, for me, he’s the best guy to lead this nation.”

Desperately seeking a coolness boost, McCain lapped it up:

“I just wanna say thank you, Daddy Yankee,” McCain said.

At the urging of McCain, Daddy Yankee hugged and kissed many of the girls on the cheek and shook hands with the guys. Meanwhile, McCain, holding the microphone, had a huge grin on his face.

Later, Daddy Yankee took off his sunglasses while the Central High choir sang the Star-Spangled Banner. Daddy Yankee is known for the song “Gasolina,” which falls under the genre “reggaeton,” a blend of hip-hop, dance music and reggae.

Many in the press corps joked about the intersection of the song (with its lyrics, when translated into English, are: “She likes gasoline,” he says. “Give me more gasoline!” a woman responds) and McCain’s energy policy. In fact, Washington Wire is told the phrase has nothing to do with the traditional meaning of gasoline.

Daddy Yankee accompanied McCain on the plane from Phoenix to Sacramento. He talked to reporters briefly on the plane before taking off, saying that he first met the Arizona senator at a Time magazine party a few years back. McCain aide Brooke Buchanan said “Gasolina” was McCain’s “favorite.”

Daddy Yankee has been an outspoken critic of immigration enforcement:

Daddy Yankee, the Puerto Rican pop star, apparently does: When he performed with Snoop Dogg last month, in front of 18,000 fans in Los Angeles, he wore onstage his “Alto a la HR4437” T-shirt (Stop House Resolution 4437), the bill that would make it criminal to help illegal immigrants, make it a felony (rather than a civil infraction) for them to be here and add more walls along the Mexican-American border.

How do you say “gag” in Spanish?


Hint to McCain camp: How about paying a little more attention to the Daniella Bolognas of the world and a little less attention to obscure reggaeton singers?


Allah’s got the vid.

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