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Hangin' with the 'Bats; Update: Anarchists Wimp Out
"Like abortion deadly?"
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Your Sunday afternoon comic relief:

Hot Air special correspondent Jason Mattera rubs unwashed elbows with the moonbats in Denver.

Favorite line: “Deadly? How deadly? Like abortion deadly?”


Meanwhile, the anarchists wimp out. Recreate ’68? Never mind:

A large crowd of war protesters are now marching to the Pepsi Center, site of the Democratic National Convention, which starts tomorrow.

Organized by Recreate 68 and other protest groups, the march leaders decided not to not disrupt an event at Civic Center, across the street from the state Capitol, as they had pledged. That event, featuring merchants selling wares from booths, is sponsored by the Denver committee hosting the convention.

Recreate 68 said months ago it would occupy Civic Center in violation of the host committee permit.

Recreate 68’s Larry Hales says early threats to take Civic Center were meant to start a dialogue.

Glenn Spagnuolo, a Recreate 68 leader, said they had worked it out with police to use Colfax and

The lefties’ big triumph? Yelling at a Fox News crew:

At one point, demonstrators confronted a Fox News camera crew, screaming that Fox is biased in its news coverage. Amid chants of “Fox has got to go”, and “Fox, go home,” state state troopers moved in and separated the most vocal protesters from the camera crew.


St. Cindy Sheehan (who?) also made an appearance, along with other moldy oldies:

Recreate 68 co-founder protester Mark Cohen called presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama part of an imperialist system.

Ron Kovic, the anti-war activist whose paralyzing injuries in Vietnam were chronicled in his book “Born on the Fourth of July,” told the crowd, “We refuse to be silent …. we are going to speak our minds. The whole world is watching.”

And yawning.


Looking at the Left held a pro-military counterprotest. Check here for coverage.

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