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Public School Politicking and Proposition 8
We don't need no education.
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Prop. 8 is the high profile ballot measure on the California ballot this November that would overrule the state supreme court’s decision earlier this year upholding the constitutional right to gay marriage.

Looks like public school teachers and school boards up and down the state are more interested in battling over the ballot measure than doing their jobs and educating students.

The 340,000-member California Teachers Association opposes the traditional marriage initiative and has donated $250,000 to the gay rights lobbying group fighting Prop. 8. Meantime, the first school district to take a stand–the Grossmont Union High School District — voted to support the ballot measure and many others are queuing up to weigh in on either side.

Don’t they have more job-related, education-related problems to worry about?

And aren’t teachers wondering why the deep-in-debt CTA keeps pouring their hard-earned dues money down the political drain instead of spending it on, I dunno, teacher/educational needs?

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