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SEIU 6434: Union Corruption Story of the Day
Look for the union label.
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Union bosses have nothing but the best interests of workers at heart.

Except when they’re siphoning off funds for their personal enrichment and pleasure. Business as usual from the Democrats’ labor thug allies:

Advocates for low-wage caregivers called on authorities Monday to investigate the spending practices of a Los Angeles union and a related charity that have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to firms owned by the wife and mother-in-law of the labor organization’s leader.

…Most of the 160,000 people represented by the United Long-Term Care Workers, the largest union local in California, earn $9 per hour or slightly more tending to the elderly and infirm in their residences, under taxpayer-funded programs. Others work in nursing homes.

Patricia L. McGinnis, executive director of the California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform, said the union president, Tyrone Freeman, should be removed from office until any government probe of the union’s spending is complete.

“I don’t see how these expenditures can be justified,” she said. “It’s shocking.”

Barack Obama supporter Tyrone Freeman was livin’ large:

The Times reported Saturday that the union and charity had paid at least $405,700 since 2006 — not counting any outlays this year — to the firms owned by relatives of Freeman, who is chairman of the nonprofit’s board.

In addition, the union last year spent nearly $300,000 on a Four Seasons Resorts golf tournament, a Beverly Hills cigar club, restaurants such as Morton’s and a consulting contract with the William Morris Agency, the Hollywood talent shop, records show.

The union paid a combined $219,000 in 2006 and 2007 to a video firm whose principals include a former employee of the local, according to Labor Department filings and interviews. And a now-defunct minor league basketball team that Freeman’s brother-in-law coached received $16,000 for what the union described as public relations.

The local paid about $106,000 to a firm called the Filming, for which no incorporation record, business license, address or telephone listing could be found.

Freeman, who is also president of a 30,000-worker affiliate of the long-term-care union, has denied any wrongdoing. He said the money spent on his wife’s video company and mother-in-law’s day-care firm benefited his members because of what he termed the high quality of the services.

A Freeman spokesman did not respond to questions Monday. On the union’s website, Freeman said the Times story was “an attack on me and our union” and contained “vast misrepresentations,” which he did not specify. He said all the expenditures detailed by The Times were approved by the union’s board and that the local welcomed an audit by the SEIU.

Freeman is a protege of SEIU biggie Andy Stern. Foxes. Henhouse.

Always look for the union label, as they say.

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