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Document Drop: the "Accountable America" Warning Letter Targeting GOP Donors
Politics of fear.
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Scroll for updates… “non-partisan” my you-know-what…Freedom’s Watch responds…

As noted by See-Dubya last night, the oh-so-tolerant leftists have launched a campaign to send “WARNING” letters to potential GOP donors in a thuggish attempt to depress Republican fund-raising. A reader sent me a copy of the actual letter from “Accountable America”–the brainchild of the same MoveOn miscreants who spearheaded the General Betray Us smear. Look:

Ironies and hypocrisies abound. Let us count the ways.

You’ve got the nutroots brigade digging up the addresses of GOP donors to chill their political free speech while these same left-wing operatives and their followers label it “stalking” to publish public e-mail contact information for anti-war shills, or to Google Democrat donors, or to vet Democrat health care sob stories by actually reporting on their financial status.

When we do it, it’s intimidation. When they do, it’s “accountability.”

Dan Riehl makes a related point about a liberal blogger who dug into the background of a McCain donor.

When we do it, it’s bullying. When they do it, it’s journalism.

Can you imagine if a conservative group took it upon itself to send a “WARNING” letter to potential Democrat donors worded exactly like the MoveOn missive?

Voter intimidation!

Speech suppression!

Politics of fear!

Climate of crushing dissent!

BushNazi tactics!

What do PFAW, the NAACP, the ACLU, and the rest of the purported champions of political free speech and intimidation-free elections have to say about the anti-GOP donor warning letters? How about you, Barry O, self-appointed crusader against the politics of fear?


Update: Accountable America’s website is here, describing itself as “a non-partisan, non-profit corporation.” Now, Google “Accountable America.” As of this moment, you’ll see it described in the tagline as “dedicated to electing Democrats to the state legislature across America.”

Here’s the screenshot:

That partisan tagline is also in the source code of the website’s homepage (hat tip: reader Kevin). Click for larger image:

Update: Freedom’s Watch, which is a main target of the “Accountable America” thugs, responds. They will not be intimidated…

Freedom’s Watch Chief of Staff Joe Eule today issued the following statement in response to the formation of Accountable America, a new left-wing group headed by Tom Matzzie, and its intimidation tactics aimed at conservative advocacy organizations and donors.

“The creation of an organization whose primary purpose is to intimidate Americans into abandoning their First Amendment rights is a sad commentary on what now passes for legitimate debate on the Left. Tom Matzzie’s desire to invade the lives of private citizens – I suppose that makes him a political peeping Tom – is an affront to free speech and an attempt to stymie the freewheeling political debate that has long been the hallmark of our nation. With his latest effort, Matzzie has taken our politics beyond the gutter, right into the sewer, and I have a feeling Accountable America will backfire spectacularly.”

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