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Calling the Democrats' Bluff, Part II
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Republican House leader John Boehner called the Democrats bluff the other day by calling on those who say they support drilling to put it in writing.

GOP House members have followed up and are calling the Democrats’ bluff again. They’ve extended an invitation to each and every Democrat to come back to Washington and join them in the summer battle to get energy legislation passed.

Come out, come out, wherever you are:

House Republicans Challenge Democrats to Join Fight for Lower Energy Prices

WASHINGTON, DC – House Republicans today sent a letter to every member of the Democratic caucus requesting they join Republicans and the American people in calling for Speaker Nancy Pelosi to reconvene the House of Representatives and pass a comprehensive, “all of the above” energy plan.

“If you agree that Congress should not be taking a five-week vacation until we address the energy crisis, will you join us in publicly calling on Speaker Pelosi to reconvene the House and allow a vote on increasing American-made energy,” the entire Republican leadership said in the letter.

Republicans have remained in Washington, D.C., since Speaker Pelosi adjourned the House for a five-week vacation last Friday in an attempt to silence the minority and deny the American people a vote to provide relief from our nation’s energy crisis.

Click here for the full text of the full text of the letter signed by Republican Leader John Boehner, Whip Roy Blunt, Conference Chair Adam Putnam, Vice Chair Kay Granger, Secretary John Carter, Deputy Whip Eric Cantor, Policy Chair Thaddeus McCotter, NRCC Chair Tom Cole and Rules Committee Ranking Member David Dreier.

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