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Calculate Nancy Pelosi's Carbon Footprint
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I published Nancy Pelosi’s “Know Your Power” book tour schedule over the weekend (see here). Today, she’ll be in Boston MA. Tomorrow, she travels to Philadelphia. On Wednesday, she’ll be in Miami and the next day she’ll be in Michigan.

How will Madame Speaker be transported to these energy-expending events in which she’ll be preaching about saving the planet…through energy vote-avoidance?

Reader Raymond wants to know:

Dear Michelle,

I would love to know what kind of aircraft and how much fuel Ms. Pelosi is going to use on her book tour. I guess the rest of us should “conserve” so she can uses as much as she wants.

Raymond Dougher

Collierville, TN

Good question.

Calculate Nancy’s carbon footprint!

I estimate she’s at 105 metric tons of CO2, with a likely 10 percent increase this month over the course of the book tour–25 percent if she hitches a ride on some Hollywood liberal’s Gulfstream.

Better stock up on those bogus carbon offsets, sweetie. America’s daughters are watching, you know.

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