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Nutroots Quote of the Day
"[N]o matter what, Michelle Malkin is still worse."
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I’m on my way down to Austin, Texas for the RightOnline/Defend the American Dream summit (more info here). I’ll be speaking tomorrow. Across town, the nutroots are holding their own shindig–featuring the likes of Gen. Wesley Clark whining about the “right wing freak machine” and the anti-Fox mob heckling former Fox News contributor Harold Ford.

This brings me to the snort-worthy nutroots quote of the day, from one of the unreality-based bloggers attending the left-wing convention. Apparently, one of the sessions focused on “tone.” For those of you who are long-time readers, you’ll get a real kick out of the session description–and an even bigger kick out of the panelists, including ex-John Edwards blogger Amanda Marcotte:

One of the great debates of blogging is the general rudeness and shrillness acceptable within the discourse. Does profanity exempt you from being taken seriously? Are you necessarily “calmer” because you don’t drop a few four-letter words? We’ll discuss the tone and attitude of various pockets of bloggers, and also why, no matter what, Michelle Malkin is still worse.

PANELISTS: Jesse Taylor, Amanda Marcotte, Lee Papa, Duncan Black, Kevin Drum, “Digby” Parton

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