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Report: GOP Chill on the Hill Towards McCain
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Looks like House Republicans are doing what a lot of grass-roots conservatives are doing–or rather not doing: Not giving John McCain cash. A divider, not a uniter? Via The Hill:

Few House Republicans have contributed to Sen. John McCain since he clinched the Republican nomination at the end of February.

McCain, Arizona’s senior senator, has had a far warmer reception in the upper chamber. At least 22 Senate colleagues have contributed to McCain’s campaign, including Sen. Joe Lieberman (Conn.), an Independent who attends Democratic caucus meetings.

Only 21 House Republicans have given to McCain from their personal campaign accounts since he became the presumptive GOP nominee four and a half months ago, according to an analysis of House fundraising reports made public Wednesday…

…So while nearly half the Senate GOP conference has given to McCain, less than 20 percent of House Republicans have pitched in…

…The lack of financial gifts raises questions about McCain’s relationship with members of the lower chamber. McCain has clashed throughout his career with House Republicans on issues ranging from immigration to campaign finance reform to drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. A survey by The Hill in June found more than a dozen House Republicans who refused to endorse McCain, even though he will be the party’s standard-bearer this fall.

House Republicans say that McCain has done little to solicit their financial support, even though Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.), the expected Democratic nominee, has raised more than twice as much money this election cycle. Obama reported $10 million more in cash on hand at the end of May.

Aides to McCain’s campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

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