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McCain at the Race Conference: Capitulation Complete; Update: Juan Hernandez to Broker Meeting with Morones?
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As expected, John McCain’s appearance at the annual convention of La Raza/The Race yielded no Hermana Souljah moments. Ed Morrissey points to McCain’s mild, almost apologetic rejoinder to open-borders zealot Enrique Morones and compares it to Barack Obama’s embrace of the radical activist. That’s a relief. But it’s the very least we could expect of a Republican candidate. And when you watch the clip Ed posted, you’ll notice that in response to Morones blasting our Border Patrol agents as killers, there is not an explicit word of support from McCain for the thousands of men and women who try to enforce our immigration laws–men and women Barack Obama accuses of terrorism. Instead, McCain echoes Morones and La Raza’s talking points about the need for “humane” and “compassionate” enforcement and commits himself to “stop the inhumane raids.”

Translation: No enforcement.

For a stark illustration of McCain’s double talk at La Raza/The Race yesterday, here he is telling an audience member that he’ll support the DREAM Act–after telling conservative bloggers that he would have voted no on cloture for the bill “because he ‘got the message’ this summer that Americans want the border secured before we ‘go on to the rest.'” Uh-huh. McCain was AWOL for that cloture vote last October. He was a co-sponsor of the DREAM Act.

I’d say my pre-event translation yesterday was dead on.


Allah begs to differ with me on McCain and the DREAM Act. Gabriel at Ace thinks I’ve been “taken in.”

Yes, I know what McCain said in the rest of his answer, not shown on the clip, about securing the border first. Anyone who believe that is the one who’s being taken in. He led conservatives to believe that he opposed it. He told his friends at La Raza that he supports it. All the rest is noise.


Reader Edgar M. e-mails:

On a Mexican radio program on 1420 AM in Tijuana hosted by Odilon Garcia, Morones called in and gave more information on what Morones and McCain talked about after their public conversation took place.

Morones told Garcia that while McCain was talking on the microphone about the fact that drug smugglers are using migrants to cross over illegal drugs, Morones told him that the United States should stop the demand for illegal drugs.

After McCain ended his Q and A session, Morones and McCain spoke face to face and McCain told him about the need for Border Security. Morones asked the Senator to meet with him privately without cameras so Enrique could make the point that Immigration raids are “separating families” and border walls are “killing immigrants”. He told the Senator to ask Enrique’s good friend Juan Hernandez, whom Enrique had dinner the night before, to set up the private meeting. McCain told him that he would. Enrique said that he would ask McCain to sign an executive order to stop Immigration raids.


Enrique then adds, that he called Juan Hernandez about the mistake the McCain campaign is doing by portraying the picture of John McCain with the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe in the background at the NCLR convention. Morones then told the story that on Saturday some students called him at the convention that they were upset with the McCain booth having a picture of Senator McCain with the Virgin of Guadalupe because the senator was using the image of the virgin for political purposes. One of the students took the picture and ran away. Some security officers ran off and caught the student but that the picture was not hung back. The next day the picture was not seen and Morones called that a victory.

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