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Officials Blast San Fran's Illegal Alien Dumping Policy
"This county will not serve as San Francisco's dumping ground."
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Yes. Finally. Local officials in San Bernardino are blasting open-borders San Francisco for its sanctuary policy and illegal alien criminal dumping policy. And they may sue. It’s about time. The story may be off the national radar, but real people have to deal with the real, reckless consequences of left-wing radicalism. Keep at it. Hat tip: reader Ed R.

Top San Bernardino County leaders blasted San Francisco officials Thursday for dumping convicted illegal alien drug dealers in group homes located in San Bernardino County.

District Attorney Mike Ramos interrupted his vacation to join other county leaders in taking aim at San Francisco’s policy to send young convicts to unsecured group homes in the county.

“For the city of San Francisco to dump those individuals in our county is outrageous,” Ramos said during a Thursday news conference.

Eight illegal aliens convicted of selling crack cocaine in San Francisco walked away from the Silverlake’s Douglas House in Yucaipa where they had been placed as part of a policy backed by San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom to create a safe haven for illegal aliens…

…Fourth District Supervisor Gary Ovitt said the Board of Supervisors will consider a resolution Tuesday to demand San Francisco repay San Bernardino County for all costs associated with the scandal.

Ovitt said if necessary, the county will sue San Francisco to recover costs.

The resolution says San Francisco’s “reckless and irresponsible practice of exporting potentially dangerous illegal alien drug dealers to the county of San Bernardino … poses a significant risk to the health, safety and welfare” of San Bernardino County residents.

The resolution calls on San Francisco to immediately stop placing illegal aliens in the county, and officials may seek to recover law enforcement and probation costs.

“This dumping action of dangerous drug dealers is a virtual assault on our communities,” Ovitt said. “This county will not serve as San Francisco’s dumping ground.”

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