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San Francisco's Illegal Alien Drug Dealer Shuttle Service
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Hope you pay close attention to what San Francisco’s illegal alien sanctuary policy has wrought. Over the weekend, the SFChronicle reported that open-borders radicals in the city’s juvenile probation department are shielding Honduran illegal alien drug dealers from prosecution and deportation by providing them a taxpayer-subsidized escort and plane ride back to their home country–where they can promptly turn around and re-enter the U.S. with impunity. It’s the San Fran illegal alien drug kingpin shuttle service. All in the name of “family reunification” and protecting the “youths,” of course! The feds and the city are pointing fingers. Nobody will admit how many illegal alien drug dealers have received the free ride home and then returned.

Meantime, outlaw sanctuary cities go unpunished. ACLU-friendly judges refuse to side with the rule of law. The White House has stood by and done nothing as San Francisco flagrantly thumbs its nose at federal immigration laws–and openly advertises its sanctuary status. How many other illegal thugs in how many other sanctuary cities are enjoying such perks?

Read and weep:

San Francisco juvenile probation officials – citing the city’s immigrant sanctuary status – are protecting Honduran youths caught dealing crack cocaine from possible federal deportation and have given some offenders a city-paid flight home with carte blanche to return.

The city’s practices recently prompted a federal criminal investigation into whether San Francisco has been systematically circumventing U.S. immigration law, according to officials with knowledge of the matter.

Well, duh.

San Francisco juvenile authorities have been grappling for several years with an influx of young Honduran immigrants dealing crack in the Mission District and Tenderloin.

Those who are arrested routinely say they are minors, but police suspect that many are actually adults, living communally in Oakland and other cities at the behest of drug traffickers who claim to be their relatives.

Nonetheless, city authorities have typically accepted the suspects’ stories and handled the cases in Juvenile Court, where proceedings are often shielded from public scrutiny…

…San Francisco police doubt that many of the young Hondurans they arrest on drug charges are even juveniles. Police can report suspected adult illegal immigrants to federal authorities if they commit a crime, said Capt. Tim Hettrich, until recently the head of the narcotics unit. So immigrant drug dealers “pass themselves off as juveniles, with a three-day growth of beard and everything else. It’s frustrating,” he said.

“Some of them have been arrested four or five times,” Hettrich said. “That is one of the big problems with being a city of sanctuary.” He scoffed at San Francisco’s strategy of returning the offenders to their home country. “They probably get the round trip and the next day, they will be right back here,” Hettrich said.

Illegal alien criminals across the country play the “I’m a minor” game all the time. Sound familiar? Here’s the story I blogged last month about the illegal alien murder convict in D.C. who initially told authorities that he was 21, then asserted that he was 16 and challenged the propriety of being charged with murder as an adult.

Murderous Honduran drug cartels have clueless liberals like this to thank for booming business:

William Siffermann, chief of San Francisco’s Juvenile Probation Department, said federal agents have never specifically told his office not to send immigrants back to their home countries, but that he has stopped the practice until differences between the city and immigration authorities are resolved.

He said the city’s stance is that it does not have to report illegal immigrant minors to the federal government, even if they are found in Juvenile Court to have committed a crime. “We are not obligated to,” he said. “We are abiding by the sanctuary city ordinance.”

…Siffermann stressed that the city ships out juvenile offenders to their home countries only after all other rehabilitative efforts have failed, including probation, foster care and juvenile detention.

The strategy is appropriate, Siffermann said, because deporting young offenders would doom them from ever becoming productive residents of the United States. “It might prevent them from obtaining citizenship,” he said, denying them a chance to “take a different course.”

And this:

Patricia Lee, head of the San Francisco public defender’s juvenile branch, would not comment on pending cases. But, she said, “a lot of the young people have suffered a lot of abuse, abandonment and neglect in their native country and have been used as (drug-running) mules. There is lot of victimization and trafficking of these young people.”

William Sifferman and Patricia Lee, meet Erlan Colindres.

Bleeding-heart idiots.

Speaking of which, you can count on more of the same bloody sanctuary crap from the La Raza Twin Powers , who both pandered to Latino officials this weekend. Not a word from McCain about how sanctuary laws are endangering all Americans and law-abiding residents (it’s a subject he has little interest in). Instead, he said this:

Let me close by talking briefly about my respect and gratitude for the contributions of Hispanic-Americans to the culture, economy and security of the country I have served all my adult life. I represent Arizona where Spanish was spoken before English was, and where the character and prosperity of our state owes a great deal to the many Arizonans of Hispanic descent who live there. And I know this country, which I love more than almost anything, would be the poorer were we deprived of the patriotism, industry and decency of those millions of Americans whose families came here from Mexico, Central and South America. I will honor their contributions to America for as long as I live.

I and many other colleagues twice attempted to pass comprehensive immigration legislation to fix our broken borders; ensure respect for the laws of this country; recognize the important economic necessity of immigrant laborers; apprehend those who came here illegally to commit crimes; and deal practically and humanely with those who came here, as my distant ancestors did, to build a better, safer life for their families, without excusing the fact they came here illegally or granting them privileges before those who did. Many Americans, with good cause, did not believe us when we said we would secure our borders, and so we failed in our efforts. We must prove to them that we can and will secure our borders first, while respecting the dignity and rights of citizens and legal residents of the United States. But we must not make the mistake of thinking that our responsibility to meet this challenge will end with that accomplishment. We have economic and humanitarian responsibilities as well, and they require no less dedication from us in meeting them.

John McCain, meet Article IV, Section 4 of the US Constitution:

“The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion…”

Oh, and elsewhere in San Francisco, three more innocent victims suffered the inhumane, bloody consequences of the city’s illegal alien sanctuary ordinance:

A suspected gang member charged with killing a father and two of his sons after a minor traffic incident has been ordered held without bail. Twenty-one-year-old Edwin Ramos of El Sobrante is accused of killing 48-year-old Tony Bologna, and his sons Michael and Matthew after the Bologna’s car blocked Ramos’ car from making a turn onto a narrow San Francisco street. Authorities say Tony Bologna put his car in reverse to let Ramos pass, and Ramos and his sons were gunned down.

Police say Ramos is a member of the Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, gang. Immigration authorities say they believe Ramos is in the country illegally and could try to deport him once the case is resolved.

Too little, too late.

How many more frequent flyer Honduran drug lords and dead motorists does San Francisco need to see before its citizens demand a repeal of the bloody illegal alien sanctuary policy?

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