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Spike Lee on Obama: There's "Gonna be a Real Chocolate City!"
So much for post-racial. Plus: Michelle Obama channels Spike.
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Still bitter from his spanking at the hands of Clint Eastwood (background here), conspiracy nut and race-monger Spike Lee is clinging to Barack Obama for revenge.

He told a film festival crowd this week that he has gathered 1,000 hours of footage of his Obamessiah on the campaign trail and will produce a documentary about the candidate. The dour director instantly cheered up. Via SilverDocs, Lee gloats:

Discussing his Hurricane Katrina epic When the Levees Broke, Lee referenced the current flooding in the midwest and said, “The infrastructure of this country is crumbling, and money’s going elsewhere.” He paused, then at quadruple the volume: “That’s gonna change, though…gonna be a real Chocolate City!” He went on to drop the news that his longtime editor Sam Pollard has been filming Obama throughout the primary season and has already captured 1,000 hours of footage for a documentary being produced by Edward Norton. When Kennedy began a question with the phrase, “If Obama’s gonna become president…”, Lee interrupted. “There is no if! It changes everything…it’s gonna be Before Obama, and After Obama. And I’m gonna be at that inauguration, too.”

Lee, who believes “someone’s” paying Jeremiah Wright to diss Obama, will be an honored guest at the Democrat National Convention and takes credit for the Obamas’ marriage.

Spike Lee: Soon to be Obama’s NEA chairman in the new Chocolate City?



Speaking of race conspiracies, Michelle Obama channels Spike and panders to racial paranoia. See here and here.

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