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The Fate of Lt. Col. Chessani, Continued
From prosecution to persecution.
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The legal nightmare continues for Haditha Marine Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani. David Harsanyi reports on the prosecution’s appeal of the dismissal of charges against Lt. Col. Chessani. Gary Gross has more and notes:

This is disgusting behavior on the military’s behalf. How can this go forward, especially considering LtCol. Chessani’s Combat Fitness Report applauds him for his qualities during the timeframe in which the Haditha firefight happened? Here’s what LtCol. Chessani’s CFR says in part:

* “Leads Marines from front in every operation. Demonstrates moral courage every day.”

* “Doesn’t hesitate to report bad news fast or contest unrealistic plans/poor concepts. Despite the complexity and size of his AO [area of operations], he always maintains a calm, cool demeanor.”

* “Gets the job done to an exceedingly high standard.”

The Thomas More Law Center, which is representing Lt. Col. Chessani, posts the notice of appeal and blasts the decision:

Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Law Center, reacted with outrage, “This case has turned into the persecution of one of the Marine’s finest combat commanders. LtCol Chessani devoted his life to the Corps and his Nation. He served three tours of duty in Iraq, away from his wife and children in defense of us all. In their attempt ‘to get’ Chessani, prosecutors granted immunity to seventeen Marines, including one they had charged with murder. Still they failed. Sadly, in the process they have destroyed the career of an outstanding officer. Enough is enough.”

Enough is enough.

You can support the Thomas More Law Center’s work here.

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