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Fight the Smears...Against Rush and the Right
Obamedia watch.
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The ogling Obamedia is so incorrigibly predictable I can’t even get mad about this crap anymore.

They took a break from staring at Barack’s loins and weeping over his nomination to blame Rush Limbaugh for spreading the left-wing Larry Johnson-spearheaded, Bob Beckel-fueled rumors about a purported Michelle Obama rant– even though Rush, as he noted yesterday, was one of the last to even mention the rumor-mongering:

How old is this story? Obama denied this ten days ago or sometime last week. Obama denied this last week. All of a sudden I started noticing this last night on my RSS feeder. There must have been 35 newspapers last night which had the same AP story in it, so I got all 35 newspaper versions and some TV stations like this. I was last in line on this one. I was a nonfactor on this. But, what happens is, this is as far as the Drive-Bys are concerned, folks, and this is an example of the power of this program. When the Drive-Bys are looking at Republicans or conservatives to really nail us to the wall, until I mention it, it doesn’t matter. ‘Til I bring it up, it doesn’t exist. Well, I mean what the hell, I was last in line. Hannity was denying on the radio for days that he had the tape. Let’s go back. This is me on May 30th, and this is what I said about this.

RUSH ARCHIVE: There are these rumors circulating — and I don’t know if this is true, but there are a number of people suggesting — and I first heard this, by the way, when I was gone Monday and Tuesday of last week.

RUSH: Okay, stop the tape, stop the tape. That would have May 14th and 15th or whatever when I was out there playing Torrey Pines, so the middle of May. That’s when I first heard this. What is it now? June the 12th. So this is about a month ago that I said this, and all of a sudden now this becomes front-page news, thanks to the AP and the Drive-By Media.

RUSH ARCHIVE: And that the Republican Party supposedly has it now, of Michelle Obama speaking from the pulpit of this church talking about whitey. I don’t care if it’s unacceptable, Snerdley, I mean I’m just reporting what’s out there. I’m reporting on a rumor that is out there.

…RUSH: Okay, so we have learned here that the Democrats and the Obama campaign have decided to go back into two-week-old history, start a website designed to protect Michelle (My Belle) Obama from any, shall we say, criticism out there. Here’s what’s going on. The Drive-Bys are gearing up and laying the groundwork to protect Michelle (My Belle) Obama, and they are putting in the record that I am the one leading the attack on it. That’s what this AP story is about. AP is a news monopoly, and all the TV stations and all the newspapers get AP. That’s why this story’s in thousands of newspapers today. And, of course, my name is in there in the first paragraph or so. I mean, I look at this as an honor, of course, ’cause they think I’m the devil. I’ve got two horns coming out of my head and they think if they put my name in the story where Ms. Obama is being criticized, all of a sudden that’s gonna rally the troops. It’s to get it in the Nexis database. So this is one of these things that’s going to live for five years, that I attacked Michelle (My Belle) Obama.

Then you’ve got tools like Time’s Jay Carney lying about conservative bloggers spreading the reckless rumors, even though it has been conservative bloggers dispelling and deconstructing them.

Jimmie at Sundries Shack nails the insidiousness of the AP’s distortions:

Not only is it the very same smear that is whirling around the echo-chamber of the elitist, with the odd push by MS-NBC and the AP, left-wing media until it reaches hysteria (who goes by the name of Keith Olbermann, by the way) but it also has the advantage of placement. Not many people, a couple hundred or so, likely saw Jay Carney on MS-NBC. Hundreds of thousands of people will see this AP article since it will end up being reprinted in city and country newspapers just like other AP articles. It won’t be filed under “opinion”. It’ll be stuck in with the rest of the national news and hundreds of folks who have no idea what the rumor really was will end up seeing how conservatives were spreading a mean story about a helpless candidate’s wife.

I’d say at this point that the Obama campaign doesn’t owe [AP reporter Nedra] Pickler a check. They owe her the job of Press Secretary. They’d be hard-pressed to find someone willing to dance on the edge of a lie with such skill and aplomb. If she’s do it for them for nothing today, imagine how well she’d deliver their smears if she was working for them!

The Associated Press and associates have a pre-fab narrative: Conservative talk show hosts and bloggers are evil hate-mongers. They will distort and omit facts and nuance by all means necessary to fit the narrative and bolster their candidate and causes. In the same way Rush is being blamed for the Michelle Obama tape rumors, as a result of a frenzy of MSM coverage, I am now being accused by legions of profane moonbats of calling her a “baby mama” despite having nothing to do with the stupid caption Fox News ran during my interview.


Not long ago, there was no way to fight back against the MSM monopoly. Their word was scripture. This is why they hate Fox News, Rush, and the conservative blogosphere. This is why they seize on every opportunity, large and small, to discredit the Right. And this is why the fight over the (Un)Fairness Doctrine affects us all. The smear masters and liberal water-carriers who pass for journalists want their monopoly back. Without government intervention, they can’t reclaim it.


Note that the much-ballyhooed “Fight the Smears” website from the Obama camp specifically whines about “right-wing” smears:


Someone notify Larry Johnson, Bob Beckel, and the Hillary blogger/rumor-mongers that they are now “right-wing.”

Update: And more smearing of conservative blogs from the New York Times, of course.


Related: Fairness Doctrine news: GOP leader John Boehner sent the following letter to the FCC yesterday…

June 11, 2008

The Honorable Kevin J. Martin

Federal Communications Commission

445 12th Street SW, Suite 844

Washington, DC 20554

Re: Report on Broadcast Localism and Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in MB Docket No. 04-233

Dear Chairman Martin:

Under the rubric of “broadcast localism” it is clear the Commission is proposing no less than a sweeping takeover by Washington bureaucrats of broadcast media. The proposals and recommendations for Commission action contained in the NPR amount to the stealth enactment of the Fairness Doctrine, a policy designed to squelch the free speech and free expression of specifically targeted audiences.

Forcing licensees to recreate so called “advisory boards” of a by-gone era will encumber broadcast media with onerous bureaucratic burdens not faced by cable, satellite, or Internet. The report’s assertion these boards would help stations “determine the needs and interests of their communities” or promote “localism and diversity” borders on fantasy. The recreation of pre-1980s advisory boards will place broadcast media squarely on a path toward rationed speech.

Two other proposed rules completely disregard a generation of technological and media advancement. Both the Main Studio Rule and rules regulating the physical operation of stations suggest the Commission has apparently decided to regulate broadcast media based on the needs of 1934 (the year FCC was created) instead of the proven realities of 2008.

Licensees and stations should serve the needs of local citizens. But adding more restrictions and Washington mandates is retrograde considering the constant technological evolution of the media market. I urge the Commission to rescind these proposed rules.


John Boehner

Republican Leader

Member of Congress

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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