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More Unpaid Debts for the Deadbeat Defaulting Democrat
Bills, bills, bills.
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Didn’t want this one to get lost over the weekend. Our favorite deadbeat, defaulting Democrat Rep. Laura Richardson’s unpaid bill total keeps mounting. Paying your home loans, campaign bills, copier bils, and car bills is for suckas.

I remind you again that this woman cruised to an easy, breezy primary victory last week.

From the Congress you deserve, via the Long Beach Press-Telegram and CQPolitics:

A mechanic and a body shop told the newspaper that she stiffed them in 2005. And afterward, she “began using a city-owned vehicle — putting almost 31,000 miles on it in about a year — and continued driving the car five days after she had left the council to serve in the state Assembly,” the Press-Telegram reports, citing city records. “Last month, it was reported that Richardson’s Sacramento home, where she had lived during her brief Assembly stint before moving on to Congress, had fallen into foreclosure and been sold at auction,” according to the paper. “Further investigation revealed she had defaulted on that house and two others in Long Beach and San Pedro a total of eight times since 2004.” Richardson is unchallenged in her bid to retain her 37th District seat.

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