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Oprah Doing a "Happy Dance" for Obama
Tingly all over.
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Via US magazine, Oprah says she’s “euphoric” over her buddy Barack O’s triumph: “‘I’ve been doing the happy dance all day,’ she tells Entertainment Tonight.”

Perhaps Oprah can invite the MSNBC producer who wept over Obama on her show.

Next, they can interview Chris Matthews’ leg to discuss their collective state of enthrallment and en-tingle-ment.

Finally, they can top off their Obamessiah worship with a screening of the Obama-in-jeans swagger video that had MSM female journalists moaning like the women from Sex in the City.


Meanwhile, former ABC News reporter-turned-official-Obama-spokeswoman Linda Douglass was spotted shilling for her object of affection on her old network.

Afterwards, I can well imagine, she did a revolving-door happy dance and practiced the patented Obama fist bump of hope with her Obamedia colleagues.


Bonus video. Guaranteed to send your coffee up through your nose. For those of you who grew up watching “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” here’s Carlton’s famous Oprah Dance:

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