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Michelle Obama [Quotes Elizabeth Edwards]: "If I Say Something That Ends Up on the Front Page of Drudge, I Haven't Done It Right."
"I hate clips." UPDATE: M-O gives the worst advice ever.
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Michelle Obama’s campaign appearance in Phoenix was off-limits to reporters, but a liberal blogger got in and filed a report with some revealing quotes. A few tidbits:

Michelle opened by talking about the start of Obama’s political career. She has told this story many times. In the beginning, she was an unwilling participant. She draws a picture of herself as a typical cynical American. She was unsure that she wanted to make the personal sacrifices demanded of candidate spouses. She says she was, at first, unable to believe in the possibility of political change. Most of all, she didn’t want her children to bear the burden of political parentage. She held up an index finger: “I am a mother first and foremost,” her point punctuated by loud, enthusiastic applause.

This story has been a constant in a stump speech she has honed for months. She explains that whenever she thought of her vision for a better America, she thought of her husband’s dedication, intelligence, and ability. She seems introspective, remembering the moment of her own realization. With a wide smile, she says, “I realized, he is the man I’d been waiting for.”

The audience laughs. Then she pivots, gently shaking a finger, reminding the audience, “Never let anyone tell you that your vision for America can’t happen.

Well, it’s her bitter, hopeless vision of America that’s precisely the problem.

…She went on to talk about how she also does not like being the news. She does not like seeing herself in a headline. She said that on the candidates’ spouses panel last October, it was Elizabeth Edwards who, speaking on the role of the spouse, said, “If I say something that ends up on the front page of Drudge, I haven’t done it right.” Michelle adds: “I hate clips. I do not like clips.” Grim laughter filled the room.”

Of course. Those clips aren’t, you know, helping her kids.

UPDATE [See-Dubya]: I’m with Jimmie on another MO soundbite:

I can not even begin to fully detail how factually wrong and flat-out moronic that is. Every single sentence is either wrong or the worst possible advice you can give another human being. The thing she said twice is such horrible of advice that I’m amazed she could throw it out there with a straight face.

Don’t ever make decisions based on fear,” is the thing Michelle Obama said twice. Hmm, should I run from this rabid saber-toothed wolverine? No. That’s just the fear talking. Pat it on the head, and you might make a new friend!

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