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"Down Here We All Believe in God, Guts and Guns."
Barack Obama disapproves.
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A Missouri car dealer has launched a special giveaway: $250 worth of gas…or a free semi-automatic handgun.

Incoming bitter/clingy attack in 3, 2, 1…

Via the Kansas City Star:

Need a new car? How about a new handgun, too?

You can get both at the Max Motors car dealership in Butler, Mo. And the gun is free…

Buyers can choose either the $250 gun coupon or one of equal value for gasoline…

Moore knows a “Free Handgun” ad would probably draw protests in some places, but not in Butler, about an hour south of Kansas City on U.S. 71.

“Down here we all believe in God, guts and guns,” Moore said.

That’s in one of those “states in the middle,” Barack.


Vid from KMBC spotlights the Max Motors deal:

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