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$9,000/Week for DNC "Emergency Chief"
Your tax dollars at work.
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Guess who’s paying to subsidize an “emergency chief” to handle the nutballs at the Democrat National Convention in Denver.

You are!

Via the Rocky Mountain News, here’s the scoop on how an expert on moonbat management is making out like a bandit:

Planning for the worst during the Democratic National Convention requires one of the best, and that expertise doesn’t come cheap.

Denver is paying $225 an hour – or $9,000 a week – to Ellis M. Stanley Sr., an emergency management veteran who has been tapped to serve as director of DNC planning for the city’s Office of Emergency Management.

Stanley, who has overseen planning for major events including the 1988 Democratic convention and the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, stands to make up to $280,000 while under contract with the city through August.

In addition, the city is reimbursing Stanley for lodging and a rental car and providing him Southwest Airlines travel vouchers.

Sue Cobb, spokeswoman for Mayor John Hickenlooper, said Stanley is leasing an apartment for $2,250 a month, which she said is cheaper than a hotel. She could not immediately provide rental car costs.

Stanley has used four travel vouchers, Cobb said. Southwest provided the vouchers to Denver in exchange for advertising at Red Rocks some years ago and the rates were locked in, she said.

“While the logical comparison would be to the cost of an airline ticket, this is substantially cheaper because we locked the rate in a long time ago,” she said.

Stanley’s contract is being funded through a $50 million federal grant the city received to cover DNC security costs, she said.

Speaking of the Denver convergence, Slapstick Politics has the latest on the crack-up in the left-wing chaos-creation coalition.

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