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Worst Prom Dress of 2008 Nominee
"It was revealing in such a way that it would not be appropriate for a prom."
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It’s that time of the year again. Prom season gone wild. We’ve got our first entrant for worst prom dress of the year. The girl seems to have confused her high school prom for the swimming pool. Because her outfit looks like it was meant to bathe in, not dance in:



Where was the adult in this teenager’s life to block the door and say: “Nuh-UH, no way in hell you’re stepping out that door. Go put some clothes on or I’ll make you wear a sleeping bag to your prom.”

Classiness, RIP.


Commenter Send_Me:

?Where’s Wendy Shalit when you need her? A Return to Modesty will be mandatory reading for my daughters by this age.

Mine, too.



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