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The Death of the Grown-Up, Part 99,877
"Cuddle parties."
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Three years ago, I blogged about an inane trend called “cuddle parties.” Yes, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds: A bunch of adults in pajamas getting in touch with their touchy-feely inner selves by snuggling up and spooning with strangers. (I know: Sounds like something the press corps groupies are dying to have with Barack Obama.)

Three years later, the MSM is still “discovering” the stupidity. Via Hot Air headlines, Philly TV station CBS 3 ventures into the cuddle party culture:

In today’s non-stop rush to get here and there, maneuvering through a crowd of hundreds and in and out of lines of traffic, some people worry that they are losing touch with each other. Now as CBS 3’s Mary Stoker-Smith reports there’s a way to really reach out and touch somebody else. You can do it a cuddle party.

A Cuddle Party may look like a pajama party for grown-ups. It’s fun but there are rules. The number one rule, pajamas stay on the whole time. This is a non-sexual event.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way you may ask yourself, what’s a cuddle party?

“This is a way of framing touch in a positive way,” says cuddle party facilitator Edie Weinstein-Moser.

Edie says the parties which are held around the country and in our area are meant to help people achieve better intimacy, and communication. And it allows people to express themselves in a comfortable and safe environment.

There’s snuggling, nuzzling and even spooning. But not everyone’s ready for a group hug right away since you may not know everyone. So to get comfortable there are a few steps to start with.

The first step, whether you’re with a partner or by yourself, is to sit and chat in a welcome circle. You hear the rules which include asking permission and getting a verbal yes before you touch anybody. And if everyone agrees to all of the rules, the cuddling begins.

“I love experiencing the feelings that come up when you connect with each individual person,” said cuddle party-goer Linda Hunter at a recent Phoenixville party.

And yes, there’s even a Cuddle Party website for those interested in partaking of “boundary-appropriate workshops.”

Diana West diagnosed our 9/10 ills so succinctly: It’s “The Death of the Grown-Up.”

Softer and softer we grow…

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