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Top 10 Reasons McCain Should Repudiate the National Council of la Raza
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I told you yesterday about John McCain’s plans to speak to the National Council of La Raza (The Race) in July. Here are the top 10 reasons he should repudiate the radical open borders, speech-squelching group that he has long embraced:

10. La Raza supports driver’s licenses for illegal aliens.

9. La Raza supports in-state tuition discounts for illegal alien students that are not available to law-abiding US citizens and law-abiding legal immigrants.

8. La Raza opposes cooperative immigration enforcement efforts between local, state, and federal authorities.

7. La Raza sponsors militant ethnic nationalist charter schools subsidized by your public tax dollars, including the “Aztlan Academy” in Tucson, AZ, the Mexicayotl Academy in Nogales, AZ, and Academia Cesar Chavez Charter School in St. Paul, Minn.

6. La Raza gives mainstream cover to a poisonous subset of ideological satellites, led by Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, or Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan (MEChA), which the late GOP Rep. Charlie Norwood rightly characterized as “a radical racist group…[and] one of the most anti-American groups in the country, which has permeated U.S. campuses since the 1960s, and continues its push to carve a racist nation out of the American West.”

5. La Raza opposes a secure fence on the southern border.

4. Former La Raza president Raul Yzaguirre, Hillary Clinton’s Hispanic outreach advisor said this:

“US English is to Hispanics as the Ku Klux Klan is to blacks.” He was referring to US English the nation’s oldest, largest citizens’ action group dedicated to preserving the unifying role of the English language in the United States.

La Raza also pioneered Orwellian open-borders Newspeak and advised the Mexican government on how to lobby for illegal alien amnesty while avoiding the terms “illegal” and “amnesty.”

3. La Raza is currently leading a smear campaign against staunch immigration enforcement leaders and has called for TV and cable TV networks to keep immigration enforcement proponents off the airwaves–in addition to pushing for Fairness Doctrine policies to shut up their foes.

2. La Raza has consistently opposed post-9/11 national security measures at every turn.

1. The National Council of La Raza means The National Council of “The Race,” for God’s sake.

Their signature slogan, chanted at pro-illegal alien rallies from coast to coast, is “La raza unida nunca sera vencida.”

“A united [Hispanic] race will never be defeated.”

What possible good will come out of a GOP presidential candidate giving legitimacy and credibility to a sovereignty-undermining, assimilation-rejecting, law-defying group that calls itself “The Race?”


Victor Davis Hanson:

I agree that John McCain should not attend any conference of a group called “National Council of the Race.” In a multiracial society, Rev. Wright’s “rich white folks,” Obama’s “typical white person”, and clingers comments, and the idea of “The Race” will eventually doom us all. And it’s time no one gets a pass any more.

Jonathan Martin cluelessly suggests that McCain is “trying to show that he’s not George W. Bush by going into the lion’s den and taking hostile, unscripted questions from adversarial groups.”

Hostile? Adversarial? Do your homework, MSM.

McCain was honored by The Race in 1999, keynoted The Race’s 2004 conference, and has championed their agenda for years.

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