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Why I Gave Up Starbucks
Dunkin': Better-tasting, cheaper, and good for national security!
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I got hooked on Starbucks in Seattle more than a decade ago. It was the social thing to do. It became an occupational necessity, then an unbreakable habit. I put up with the “corporate social responsibility” mumbo-jumbo, which the company leavened with an occasional bone to conservatives. As I’ve confessed to you before, I’m not a morning person–and those caramel macchiatos have powered me through many an a.m. The taste and the buzz outweighed the conservative guilt.

Over the past weeks, however, Starbucks has left an increasingly bad taste.

David Boaz wrote of the company’s ridiculous policy barring gift card purchasers from customizing personalized cards with the phrase “Laissez Faire.”

Then there’s the price. A grande caramel macchiato puts you out $5. Two or three of those a week adds up. And in these times, every penny counts.

Lots of other consumers are coming to the same conclusion. Starbucks’ profits are down 28 percent.

So this weekend, I quit cold turkey.

I’m done.

I’ve always liked Dunkin’ Donuts coffee better, anyway. And as unapologetic supporters of immigration enforcement, they deserve your business and mine so much more.

Dunkin’: Tastes good, cheaper, and good for national security. Drink up!


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