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Countdown to May Day: "Amnesty for All"
"Workers united without borders."
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Yesterday, I gave you a preview of the open-borders circus slated to open tomorrow morning. Expect protests at ICE offices, protests at businesses that support worker verification, raw reconquista hatred, student truancy encouraged by illegal immigration-sympathizing teachers and principals, and the usual flag wars. Organizers anticipate smaller numbers this year, but the militant undercurrents will remain.

I have asked before whether Barack Obama would be marching this year, as he did last year, with the pro-illegal immigration crowd. Will he stand “shoulder-to-shoulder” with them again?

One race panderer on board: Jesse Jackson, whose Rainbow-PUSH group has teamed up with Latino open-borders groups to organize the Chicago May Day demonstration tomorrow.

Here is their “list of demands:”

Our Demands


Legalization for All NOW !

Second Chance for All NOW !

Defend the Right to Organize

Fight for a Living Wage

Legalization for Elvira Arellano and Flor Crisostomo


End the War in Iraq, bring the Troops Home

Respect for the Self-Determination of Nations

Clean Up for Vieques

Replace Globalization with Nobilization


Stop the Separation of Families

Stop the Hate, Stop the Violence,

Stop the Guns, Stop the Drugs

Health Care for Every Family

Equal, Quality, Respectful Education

A Moratorium on Mortgage Foreclosures

Naturalize Foreign-Born Spouses of LGBT Couples

Refugee Rights for LGBT People Fleeing Persecution


Renegotiate NAFTA

Good Jobs on Both Sides of the Border


Vote for the Children

Vote for those without papers

Vote for those in and out of prison

How about Teddy Kennedy? Will he come out again and share his Spanish warbling?

Here are more details on the Bay Area goings-on:

Organizers in cities and towns around the U.S. are hoping to bring back the historical significance of May 1st in international labor and workers’ struggles, and to reignite the labor movement by integrating recent undocumented workers’ struggle for amnesty. Marches, rallies, and other gatherings on that date will focus on issues such as federal agencies and ending harassment by local police, raids, and the separation of families in immigrant communities; stopping the use of “no-match” letters to intimidate worker organizing efforts; holding elected officials accountable to supporting immigrant rights; funding human needs and services instead of militarism and war; and amnesty for those who do not have current documents.

Under the broad theme of Workers Uniting Without Borders –Amnesty for All, protesters will gather in San Francisco on Thursday, May 1st for a 2:00pm rally in Dolores Park, a 3:30pm march to Civic Center, and a 5:00pm rally and musical performance. The final planning meeting will take place on April 24th at 7pm at 522 Valencia St., near 16th St. BART. In Santa Cruz, march participants will wear green in solidarity with campus workers. There will be a 12pm rally in Quarry Plaza, followed by a march to a 4pm celebration in San Lorenzo Park. A march, rally, outdoor film screening, and other activities will take place in Watsonville starting at 4pm in the Plaza. An Immigrant Rights May Day March in Oakland will gather at 3 pm at Fruitvale BART Plaza for a march down International Blvd. to a 6pm rally at Oakland City Hall (14th & Broadway). In San Jose, an Immigrants Being Active Participants in Change march will gather at 4pm in the Mi Pueblo Foods parking lot (Story and King Roads) and will head down King Road and Santa Clara Street to San José City Hall (Santa Clara and 5th Streets). In Fresno, a March for Immigrant Rights will gather at 3pm in the Fulton Mall Free Speech Area, with plans for a 5pm march (imc_video.gifVideo). In San Diego, the community will gather at City College, march down Broadway to Pantoja Park, and then the day’s events will continue with a public assembly at Memorial Park at Oceanview and 30th .

Keep me posted if you plan on covering or protesting the circus in your neighborhood.

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