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Sting and Wife: Yes, Yes, We'Re Hypocrites!
Gulfstream liberal guilt.
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Call it a case of Gulfstream liberal guilt. The environmental activist wife of musician Sting is ‘fessing up to her Green hypocrisy. Via the Daily Mail, she was “forced” to acknowledge the family’s massive carbon footprint:

Their claim to be eco-warriors has been met with cynicism in recent times.

Sting, for instance, notched up an incredible number of air miles with his band’s world tour.

And it was revealed that his wife Trudie Styler travels between their seven homes in private jets or their fleet of cars, as well as importing farm produce hundreds of miles.

Now the celebrity couple have been forced to admit that their record is less than clean.

Miss Styler, 53, was challenged on the issue when extolling the benefits of organic and locally-grown food.

The interview at the Earls Court Real Food Festival had been going well, until one journalist pointed out that the couple’s carbon footprint has been estimated as 30 times greater than the average Briton’s.

Make sure to click on the link for a photo of one of their many energy-hogging mansions.

Yet another Do As I Say poster family.

No doubt she’ll double her carbon credit purchase this month to assuage her conscience.

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