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MSM Jerk of the Day
"I'm a big shot in Boston and I'll have your [expletive] jobs."
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Move over, Bobby Calvan and Alycia Lane. Here’s your MSM jerk competition, via

The general manager of WHDH Channel 7 was arrested after an allegedly drunken, obscenity-laced tirade at Logan International Airport in which she threatened to call a news crew and put a state trooper “on TV and ruin [his] life,” according to a police report.

Randi Goldklank flailed her arms and screamed at State Police when they took her into custody after her Delta flight landed Sunday night, according to the report. She had to be helped off the plane by two crew members, according to the report, and struck a trooper in the chest, breaking the prescription glasses in his pocket.

“I’m a big shot in Boston and I’ll have your [expletive] jobs,” Goldklank told the troopers, according to the report. “You think you’re a [expletive] tough guy, just you watch and see what the [expletive] happens to you when I get out of here.”

[The first page of the police report can be found here. The second page is here. The Globe redacted the obscenities and Goldklank’s personal information, including her address, date of birth, and Social Security number.]

Goldklank, 40, was scheduled to be arraigned today in East Boston Municipal Court on misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and assault and battery on a police officer. Her lawyer, David Eisenstadt, appeared on her behalf this morning and argued successfully to have her arraignment postponed until May 19. Eisenstadt declined to discuss the allegations today, saying he did not believe in trying a case in the media.

…Goldklank defended her behavior to the Boston Herald Monday night and told the paper she was inappropriately touched by a male passenger seated beside her. There was no mention of the male passenger in the State Police report. Trooper Eric Benson, a department spokesman, said this morning that “there has been no complaint made to the State Police alleging any such improper contact.”

…According to the report, she was overheard by police telling medical personnel that she had had “about three dozen drinks.” Goldklank smelled of alcohol and was so intoxicated that police had difficulty booking her, the report stated. But then Goldklank’s tone shifted.

“The defendants demeanor changed and she became quiet,” the report says. “After a few minutes she leaned toward Sergeant Luce and stated, ‘You think I’m cute and I think you’re cute, just drive me home.’ ”

From a profile of Goldlank in 2007:

A fast talker and power walker with an undiluted Long Island accent, Goldklank describes herself as “a tiny lady” who goes at “1,000 miles an hour.” Former and current colleagues describe her as a go-getter, aggressive and hard-charging – skills she’s using to run one of Boston’s biggest news operations in the country’s seventh largest TV market.

“She is extremely aggressive but in a positive and professional way,” says Carson, now a consultant for WHDH. “She believes in working hard, but she also believes in having fun along the way.”

Randy Price, WHDH’s longtime news anchor, was struck by Goldklank’s fresh perspective on TV news.

“She brings a lot of new ideas and a different kind of energy to an increasingly challenging marketplace,” he says. “But she’s also grounded in the basic concepts that we need to be responsive to the people we serve.”

Too bad she didn’t have that same attitude of responsiveness and responsibility towards law enforcement.

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