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The Enviro-Nitwit-Ization of the GOP Is Complete Updated
Really inconvenient truth.
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President Bush surrenders, reports Iain Murray.

Unwilling to stand for scientific integrity, rational cost-benefit analyses, private property rights, and free market environmentalism in a hysterical effort to out-gore Al Gore: That’s your GOP.


Read Murray’s The Really Inconvenient Truths: Seven Environmental Catastrophes Liberals Don’t Want You to Know About–Because They Helped Cause Them .

An increasing number of “green” “conservatives” don’t want you to know about them, either.


Update from the Washington Times–looks like a last-minute retreat. Or, more likely, a temporary reprieve:

President Bush today will lay out how Congress should combat global warming, proposing a specific national goal for carbon-based pollution but rejecting a proposal by Democrats and Sen. John McCain to impose mandatory caps on industry to reduce greenhouse gases.

It marks a departure for Mr. Bush, who until now has fought new congressional mandates on carbon emissions.

According to several people briefed on the announcement, to be made in the White House Rose Garden, Mr. Bush will tell Congress he won’t accept any of the plans under review in the House and Senate.

Instead, he will tell Congress to pass a bill that won’t harm the economy and that includes a mechanism to make sure international economic competitors don’t gain an advantage. But he will for the first time propose a target for U.S. carbon emissions, making good on a pledge last year to take leadership on that issue.

The decision to change course was first reported by The Washington Times on Monday.

But the president has backed away from calling for the sort of cap-and-trade system favored by Democrats, including Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton, and by Mr. McCain, the Republicans’ presumed presidential nominee. That system would set a cap on total carbon emissions — a key greenhouse gas — and lower that level over time. Businesses would be allowed to trade credits for emissions among themselves, allowing the market to help regulate costs.

One person briefed on White House deliberations said a cap-and-trade program for electric utilities was dropped from the package yesterday, after the White House was flooded with complaints from industry officials and lobbyists.

“It got pulled out. It happened somewhere between this morning and five o’clock,” said the person, who said the Bush announcement still marks a significant departure from its policy for the last seven years.

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