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A Proper Welcome for the Vets for Freedom in the Twin Cities
Counterinsurgency alert!
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Folks in the Twin Cities are fighting back against the Democratic Underground instigators who succeeded in getting the Vets for Freedom disinvited from a National Heroes Tour at Forest Lake High School in Minneapolis, which I noted this morning.

John Hinderaker reports on students who took off from school to see VFF members speak at the American Legion, where they scrambled to reorganize the event. There’s another program tonight:

Tonight from 6:00 to 8:30, the Vets For Freedom will be at the Officers’ Club at Fort Snelling, which is directly south of the Twin Cities airport. If you live within driving distance of the Twin Cities, please turn out to show your support. Here are the directions:

Located at Hwy 5 and Post Road. Exit Hwy 5 on Post Road and follow the signs to Fort Snelling State Park. Take first left to continue to the Officers’ Club. Do not pass through the stone gates to the park.

Hope to see you there. Let’s show the bullies at Democratic Underground that one spineless principal doesn’t speak for the people of Minnesota.

Ed Morrissey will cover the event for Hot Air.

And don’t forget that University of Minnesota veterans and students will hold a counterprotest against the anti-recruiter thugs next Thursday.

The homeland counterinsurgency against the Left continues!


VFF members will appear on the Andrea Shea radio show, live from the bus, tonight.

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