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Winter Soldier II: the Curtain Opens; Plus: More on the Anti-Recruiter War Update: Pinkos Disrupt Move America Forward Press Conference
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Scroll down for updates…2:27pm Eastern…just received from Melanie Morgan…here’s a pic of one of the Code Pink disrupters–ew–who crashed the MAF press conference on anti-recruiter violence….more below…Bruce Kesler: WS II “off to a lying start”…



It begins. The Winter Soldier II hearings kick off today. The schedule:

9:00AM – 10:45AM Rules of Engagement: Part One

11:00AM – 12:30PM The Crisis in Veterans’ Heathcare

2:00PM – 3:30PM Corporate Pillaging and Military Contractors

4:00PM – 6:00PM Rules of Engagement: Part Two

7:00PM – 8:30PM Aims of the Global War on Terror: the Political, Legal, and Economic Context of Iraq and Afghanistan

Iraq Veterans Against The War is streaming the conference.

For fair and balanced coverage, first read Scott Swett’s analysis of an MSM whitewash of IVAW’s godfathers, Vietnam Veterans Against The War.

Check the Vets for Freedom blog. If you’re liveblogging the hearings let me know.

One of the pro-troops bloggers attending the hearings reports on the restrictions the organizers have imposed:

I was just informed that the independent (freelance) bloggers would be confined to a media room, was also told I could not take photos during the briefing, althought the room was full of cameras. The part that may me a bit disturbing is that they told me I can not can take photos or film tomorrow. I will admit I am very confused, it seems that the rules change by the minute concerning independent reporter/bloggers. Only IVAW bloggers will be allowed to take pictures and view the testimony first hand. It was announced by the blogger team leader that “ONLY” IVAW bloggers would be allow in the actual area where the veterans will be testifing. I came with a open mind prepared to blog the truth the way I saw it, now, I am wondering why they are not willing to open the testimony up to bloggers that are not IVAW members. WHY!

In all fairness, I also have to say that I have been treated with respect. The IVAW members appear to be very sincere and passionate. They truly believe in what they are doing.

Our intrepid Hot Air/YAF special correspondent Jason Mattera will be there.

Meantime, Move America Forward is in D.C. and has released its special report on the war on military recruiters, building on the report I did last week. It’s time to stand up to this seditious behavior. Where do your congressional representatives stand?

MAF’s new ad:


Update 12:07pm Eastern. I’m traveling and on a layover. Bloggers are sending their reports from the scene.

At The Sniper, TSO reports.

Much more from John Lilyea who is updating constantly.

Eye on Oregon.

Eye on Pittsburgh.


Update 2:29pm Eastern. Melanie Morgan e-mails…

You guys won’t believe the scene at the National Press Club today.

We at Move America Forward were releasing our investigative report on the nationwide plague of attacks against military recruiting centers. (The Sedition Report)

Congressman John Carter (co-sponsor of the Semper Fi Act) was there speaking. So too was Debbie Lee, mother of the 1st Navy Seal killed in Iraq.

Then, midway through the news conference, members of Code Pink, International ANSWER and Global Exchange start heckling, screaming, yelling.

They said our claims of improper actions by anti-war radicals were all lies, that the anti-military activists have been nothing but peaceful.

They tried to shout down our speakers, and when we asked for security to remove them they refused to go, resulting in the forced eviction by security – despite their efforts to physically resist being removed.


Congressman Carter was whisked out for his safety and then the anti-war radicals chased down Congressman Carter’s staff. Soon thereafter as I was walking to another appointment I found myself stalked by the radicals who pulled up in a car yelling obscenities at me for daring to report on their disgusting conduct.

These people proved our point today! They did exactly what we’ve accused them of doing at military recruiting centers when they storm in, occupy the office, halt the work of recruiters and refuse to leave.

What angers me most is that these people don’t stop there. They’ve planted bombs at recruiting centers (not just Times Square but St. Lous too!). They pumped eight rounds of gunfire into the Denver military recruiting center. They’ve set fire to recruiting centers in San Jose, CA and Asheville, NC.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The complete report – including citation where their supporters cheer on the acts of violence – and our new national ad campaign focusing on this issue are at the Move America Forward website:

I’m attaching a photo of one of the anti-war radicals who stood up, stripped off his clothes to reveal a pink jacket, and began screaming down our speakers at the news conference.

Folks – we struck a nerve. These people DO NOT want their seditious behavior exposed. Well, that makes me even MORE determined to do just that, and I know it will have the same effect on you as well!


Update 3:39pm Eastern. Bruce Kesler reports that WS II is “off to a lying start:”

rom the get-go, the BS is flying at the Iraq Veterans Against the War’s Winter Soldier II.

IVAW had promised an open hearing, so all bloggers could be present in the room, take photos, or maybe ask questions. Instead, those bloggers not aligned with IVAW have been segregated in another room and forbidden from taking photos. This blogger “Had to go potty, which necessitates escort.”

The website has been miraculously cleansed of much of its former material, making the job for reporters more difficult to trace what they say now and what they said before.

One indication is the IVAW Chairman, Camilio Mejia. Denis Keohane points out his escalating, wobbly “war story.”

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