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MoveOn Wants Your "Obama in 30 Seconds" Video Ads, DNC Solicits Short Films
Let the ad-making begin!
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Now, this is tempting.

MoveOn is asking its followers to come up with “Obama in 30 seconds” video ads: has a message for all filmmakers, writers, directors, actors, editors, composers, graphic artists, and animators: Whether you’re a total amateur or a total pro, now is the time to use your creativity to help Barack Obama win. We’re launching an ad contest: “Obama in 30 Seconds.”

Powered by grassroots enthusiasm, Obama has won the most states and the most delegates. But the race isn’t over, and we’ve got to pull out all the stops to help him across the finish line.

Too easy: Just submit 30 seconds of Jeremiah Wright’s chickens-coming-home-to-roost, God-damn-America and the Rich White People rants.

The Sorosians will eat it up!

Meanwhile, the DNC’s holding a short film contest (via the Drunkablog) and the unhinged minions have come out of the woodworks to submit their entries–like this rhyming rapper assailing the Founding Fathers as “terrorists:”

He sounds like a member of Jeremiah Wright’s congregation.

Slapstick Politics and Gateway Pundit have more. If you can stomach it.

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