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Welcome to the 21st Century, Gerry
Just Google it.
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“The sexist media” just had Geraldine Ferraro on–again–and she was whining on Fox’s Hannity and Colmes program about her fateful Obama comments to the Torrance Daily Breeze turned into a national maelstrom.

“I wasn’t talking to the national press,” she complained. How did it happen that her little comments to a little paper get such widespread attention?

Ferraro puts on her tinfoil hat and blames Obama guru David Axelrod.


It’s called the 21st century, Gerry.

There’s no such thing as protecting politicians from their own remarks anymore.

The delineation between “national press” (e.g., your liberal media elite friends who will save you from yourself) and the rest of us (e.g., little papers, uncredentialed media, bloggers, etc.) has been obliterated.

Also: There’s this thing called the Internet, which even little, non-national newspapers publish on now.

Just Google it.

You know the Internets? The series of tubes? Google?

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