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IVAW Nutball Update: One Membership Terminated, Another Indefinitely Suspended
"Iraq Veterans Against the War does not condone threats of violence or violence against ide[o]logical opponents..."
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The Iraq Veterans Against the War zealot who threatened to “waste” pro-military activists has had his membership revoked.

The Iraq Veterans Against the War zealot who threatened to bomb the Gathering of Eagles and who issued an assassination threat against me has had his membership suspended.

An IVAW official also issues an apology:

While this blog is not primarily an official blog, and often veers into the personal, I would like to put my official hat on and make the following statement on behalf of Iraq Veterans Against the War. The sentiments and official position are IVAW’s, the wording is mine. I am currently travelling with little internet access, and will be unable to respond to posted comments. If you would like a personal response or have questions or concerns about this post, please email armysergeant (at) ivaw (dot) org, and I will be able to email you a response promptly.

Iraq Veterans Against the War does not condone threats of violence or violence against idealogical opponents, for Winter Soldier or for any other event.

Iraq Veterans Against the War and I personally have invited a number of military and veteran bloggers to attend Winter Soldier, because it is an event for military and veterans. Some of those bloggers support the war in Iraq. Some do not. All of these bloggers will be safe and welcomed at Winter Soldier as fellow servicemembers and veterans. They will be blogging from an enclosed space with controlled access, and security personnel will be there for their safety and to help alleviate any concerns. I will also give my personal word of honor as a non-commissioned officer as a guarantor for the safety of any bloggers under my charge…

…Two members have been identified as making personal threats recently. One has been requested not to attend Winter Soldier, and the other situation is currently being handled internally.

Those of you who have served in the military know that you accept responsibility for all under your command, even actions specifically against your wishes or orders. As such, though the situations are far less exact than I would like, I would like to apologize both personally and professionally to Michelle Malkin, Robin, Nicki, Thus Spake Ortner, and Jonn Lilyea and others for the actions of these members, and assure the public that steps are being taken to ensure this does not occur again.

…Jonathan De Wald’s membership has been terminated, and he is no longer a member of IVAW.

Evan Knappenberger’s membership has been indefinitely suspended.

We are currently working on getting these people the peer support and assistance that they need to preclude future incidents from occuring. Peer support and assistance will also be available at Winter Soldier, for any members or veterans who may be suffering from PTSD or anger-related issues which are surfacing or worsening through this intense process.

I, too, hope they get the help they need.

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