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Anarchists Heart the Times Square Biker Bomber
"Great sticker." Plus: Get ready for Winter Soldier II.
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Yesterday, I told you about multiple threats against pro-military activists headed to Washington, D.C. this week to counter the anti-war mob and spotlighted the Left’s continuing silence about the escalating war on military recruiters.

Today, I point you to a “solidarity sticker” that was distributed at last week’s national anarchist conference (no joke) in Washington, D.C.:


These people are truly, truly unhinged.


Preparations continue for the counter-demonstrations I’ve been telling you about. More from Eagles Up about the so-called “Winter Soldier II” hearings:

Washington, D.C., March 4, 2008 – A national coalition of pro-troop and veteran organizations is gathering in the Washington area next week to oppose a planned reenactment of Sen. John Kerry’s infamous “Winter Solider” anti-Vietnam War event that, like its predecessor, will feature “testimony” alleging atrocities committed by American troops this time in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Eagles Up and other organizations are taking aim at Winter Soldier II, patterned after a similar event staged by Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry’s Vietnam Veterans Against the War in 1971. Although most of the “veterans” who “testified” in Kerry’s event a generation ago were later found to be frauds, and their testimony was either disproved or impossible to verify, the damage to the Vietnam generation was long enduring.

Hosted by Iraq Veterans Against the War, the ANSWER coalition, CODE PINK, MOVEON.ORG, and associated organizations this generation’s Winter Soldier reenactment is considered to be on a par with its predecessor, with a twist. In 1971 the media accepted the stories of atrocities literally without question, and Kerry even testified before Congress using graphic images of torture and murder, which he claimed were widespread and American military policy.

But Eagles Up and the other pro-troop organizations including Move America Forward and Rolling Thunder will not allow this attack on our troops to go unchallenged. Vietnam and Iraq war veterans and their supporters are demanding that all who participate in the IVAW event submit to identification verification and that their claims are specific including times, dates, places, units involved, leadership and witnesses.

In addition, anyone claiming to have participated in or witnessed an atrocity without attempting to halt it or report it will be referred to the appropriate civilian and military authorities as participants in or accessories to war crimes. Eagles Up leader, Col. Harry Riley, US Army (ret.) said “We have two objectives: To counter and challenge IVAW Winter Soldier II (WSII) Testimony on March 14 by demanding ‘truth.’”

Col. Riley added, “Our second objective is to participate in a peaceful march in Washington, DC on March 15th that reflects a view of appreciation, uplifting, pride in America, our troops and families. This will be a positive event with flags, banners, patriotic music, fellowship, and oriented for the entire family of patriots.

“Americans are standing up to attacks on our nation and people from those that tend to support the constant drum beat of surrender,” Col. Riley said.

Thousands will put “boots on the ground” in Washington, DC on March 14/15 to challenge one devious aspect of the threat on America – those that would have us surrender to the Islamic butchers and dishonor our warriors,” Col Riley added.

“It’s a sacrifice for many of us to get to DC but it’s also a sacrifice for our families and warriors to offer up their lives. The least we can do is protect their backs.”

For Immediate Release Contact: Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret 111 Overview Drive Crestview, FL 32539 850-689-1818

Refresh your memories: See my Winter Soldier Syndrome report from last summer.

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