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The Continuing War on Recruiters That the Left Doesn't Want to Talk About
Culture of hate.
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On Friday, in the wake of the Times Square military recruitment center bombing, I published a special report on the Left’s escalating war on recruiters.

Prominent liberals and Democrat leaders raised their voices to condemn harassment of recruiters and called on left-wing, anti-military groups and anarchists to stop their hatred.

Actually, no. Of course they didn’t.

Instead, they pretended it’s all a myth.

Or ignored it altogether.

So I’ll keep writing.

Reader John at Verum Serum sends word of another military recruitment attacker who was just sentenced last week in Spokane:

A local man suspected of attacking two local military recruiting stations has pleaded guilty in federal court.

On Wednesday Travis Riehl was convicted on one count of damaging government property.

Riehl threw a rock through the window of the Washington Air National Guard building in 2005. He also painted an anti-war slogan and an anarchist symbol on the building.

He must now pay $5,000 restitution and be on probation for the next year.

Stalwart Melanie Morgan of Move America Forward will be in Washington this week for the big, pro-troops counterprotests and reports that her group will be holding a press conference on Friday to discuss the war on recruiters:

Move America Forward will be making a major announcement this Friday, March 14, 2008.

The announcement concerns disturbing information we’ve collected after extensive research into the work of anti-war/anti-military activists.

We will present our findings at a news conference in Washington, D.C. and simultaneously publish a report containing our findings here at the website.

Please check back here on Friday – we’ll need YOUR HELP in getting the word out to people all across the nation!

Meanwhile, the NYSun reports on the latest developments in the investigation. Fingerprints on a bike at the scene are being analyzed.

The NYPost adds:

Cops also want to talk to a 22-year-old Connecticut man who was arrested in February 2005 for allegedly throwing a burning rag at an Army recruitment post in the Parkchester section of The Bronx.

Police don’t believe the man is a likely suspect in the Times Square bombing but want to rule him out, a source said.

The recruiters in Times Square are back at work:

At the Armed Forces Career Center in Hempstead Village, a storefront office on Fulton Street, there was no unusually heightened security yesterday morning, said a Marine recruiter who would not give his name. Business went on as usual, with uniformed service members coming and going through a door with a buzzer-controlled lock.

A Marine Corps spokesman for recruiters in the northeastern United States said his colleagues have “a heightened awareness of what happened.” But he said he would not say whether the military had mounted specific changes to security in response to the blast in the city.

“As Marines, you remain vigilant about that stuff anyway,” said Capt. Donald Caetano, who is based in Garden City.

Caetano said top military officials notified recruiters by e-mail and phone that they should be alert in the wake of the bombing.

If you have an opportunity, thank a recruiter today.

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