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Right in '08: the Conservative Campaign to End Race/Gender Preferences
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Last month, I urged dispirited conservatives to take an active role in supporting the candidates, officeholders, and issues that reflect our views and values. One of the campaigns I mentioned was my friend and hero Ward Connerly’s multi-state battle this fall to end discriminatory government race and gender preferences. Reminder:

Conservative stalwart Ward Connerly is leading a “Super Tuesday of Equality” drive in November to end racial preferences in five states. He has not only battled the race demagogues on the Left and the affirmative action apologists in the media, but also spineless GOP establishment leaders who would rather pander to the “diversity” lobby than fight for true equality under the law. Connerly spearheaded resounding victories in California, Washington, and Michigan. The new campaign is targeting Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma. Support his organization, the American Civil Rights Institute (

While so many other false prophets preach the color-blind gospel, Connerly is, as I’ve said before, the real deal.

Volunteers have been hard at work gathering signatures for the five ballot measures that make up the Super Tuesday for Equality slate.

There’s a big announcement set for this afternoon in the battleground state of Colorado:

On Monday March 10th, Ward Connerly, nationally recognized advocate for equal rights, will join Valery Pech Orr, proponent of the Colorado Civil Rights Initiative (CoCRI), Jessica Peck Corry, volunteer with the initiative and other supporters of the Colorado Civil Rights Initiative for a major announcement. The announcement will occur at noon in the Press Room at the State Capitol.

What: Update on Status of the Colorado Civil Rights Initiative (Amendment 31)

When: Monday March 10th at Noon (12:00 pm)

Where: Press Room at the State Capitol in Denver

The Colorado Civil Rights Initiative (CoCRI) is dedicated to giving the people of Colorado the opportunity to end preferential treatment based on race, gender, ethnicity, or national origin by state and local governments. CoCRI will make Colorado a place of equal opportunity for all, not a state that uses preferential treatment as a tool to create “diversity.” Achieving “diversity” should never be an excuse to discriminate!

As I noted previously, the open-borders crowd and the racial rackeeters are up in arms.

Left-wing radicals sent signature blockers to try and intimidate citizens at petition-gathering sites. Here’s what happened in Oklahoma late last year:

And you can be sure there will be more where that came from.

Connerly and his volunteers are an example of principled conservative leadership at its finest. Everywhere they have taken their fight, they have won–and won big–against massive, entrenched liberal opposition, GOP establishment cowardice, and biased media coverage. Why? Because when push comes to shove, and when equal rights are on the ballot, the majority of Americans of all races and political parties resoundingly reject government social engineering in the name of “diversity,” color-coded treatment, and special preferences in the name of “equality.”

I urge those of you in Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma get involved and volunteer for the campaign. Anyone and everyone can donate and fight for the Right in ’08.

This issue has been a top priority of mine since the nascent days of Connerly’s first effort, CCRI, in California. It’ll be a top priority on this blog until election day.

Remember: Don’t “calm down.” Get energized. We need all hands on deck.

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