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A Rally in Times Square...While Anarchists Cheer the Bombing
Gathering of Eagles.
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My friends with the Gathering of Eagles send word that they have secured permits for a rally to support military recruiters in Times Square this Saturday. James Bancroft e-mails:

The Gathering of Eagles, a patriotic organization dedicated to the public support of all Military persons, active duty or veteran, announces a patriotic rally in front of the Times Square Recruiting Station in New York City, NY on March 8 from 1PM to 4PM.

The Police have allowed us a rally at the Times Square Recruiting Station Island, 43rd Street and Broadway, to hold a patriotic rally as a show of encouragement for our troops and our recruiters in New York City.

The action of trying to destroy public property and place the lives and safety of Americans in jeopardy just to make a political point must be answered with the firmest response from Patriotic Americans. In times past, these actions were considered abnormal and best ignored. The actions and national responses to the bombings and protests of the 1960’s and early 1970’s and the failure of Americans to rise up and demand an accounting of those who engage in criminal acts under the false banner of FREE SPEECH led to a national embarrassment at the end of the Vietnam War, and eventually to a Military pullout and subsequent deaths of a Million People when the North Vietnamese broke the Paris Peace Accord treaty and invaded South Vietnam in 1975.

This criminal action against the recruiting station in Times Square has the potential of leading a national downturn in the minds of those who disagree with the war.

It is imperative that Patriotic Americans demand a show of force by law enforcement and Patriotic Groups in calling these acts what they are: cowardice and criminal.

GOE’s Chris Hill has more:

As you all know, I was lucky enough to be invited to the christening of the USS New York this past weekend. It is doubly disturbing then to have the recruiting station in Times Square, the heart of Manhattan, bombed by an act of domestic terrorism. We at GOE are therefore, calling all Eagles and supporters in the Northeast to join us as we stand in support of the troops stationed there. We will gather at 1230hrs until 1600hrs, this Saturday, 8 March in Times Square to serve notice that our troops do not cut and run, and neither do we. We recognize that most of you do not live within easy driving distance of NYC, so we are asking that everyone else don your military or patriotic garb and visit your local recruiter station. It is important for them to know we love and respect them, and will stand with them always. New York City has, once again, been the victim of terrorism; this time of the homegrown brand it appears. This despicable act can be laid right at the feet of the vehement anti-American groups we have countered so often. They have made it okay in the minds of some to attack recruiter stations and deface our war memorials. We must not allow this to continue! I have contacted law enforcement agencies in several of the cities where recruiter stations have been previously targeted. They assure me that security has been stepped up. Respectfully, that is not enough. We must show support publicly and proudly for our brothers and sisters in uniform. This is our line in the sand. This nonsense will stop. I look forward to standing with you all again and appreciate your unqualified support. I love New York. Manchu.

Chris Hill

National Director of Operations

Meanwhile, some NYC anarchists are cheering the bombing…and suggesting more havoc is on the way later this month. Be aware:

I got into work this morning and someone was playing the radio. Bloomberg was giving a speech about how our armed forces were protecting us, and protecting our AmeriKKKan freedoms and so forth. After the billionaire finished his propaganda statements via the corporate conrolled radio station, pig commissioner Kelly came on and I then perked up. He was looking for rats to come forward and finger the male (according to them) who early this morning placed a bomb at the Times Square Armed Forces recruiting statement and who then buzzed away on his bicycle.

News also reports that the police began stopping cars around New York and questioning the drivers…no, I am just kidding. The news does actually report that police began stopping those beatnik, gas-hating people riding bicycles this morning and questioning them.


Unlike the bombs the US Armed Forces drops on brown people around the world, this bomb hurt no one. It just makes our Keystone Kops and the “FBI New York Joint Terrorism Task Force” look silly, incompetent and impotent. The boys in blue will be scratching their heads and downing their donuts trying to crack this caper for some time to come I’m sure.

And this:

The pump don’t work..

Mar 07, 2008 02:34AM EST


“It was ONE station in ONE city and got minimal coverage..”

Not quite. 1,445 news articles, with extensive international coverage according to Google News.


Wonder how much corporate media coverage the M19-20 protests will get?

Meanwhile, loose lips sink ships.

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