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In Hillary's Own Words: "Pathetic" and "Horrible"
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Hillary Clinton made a last-ditch appearance on The Daily Show. Awkward, stilted, halting, hoarse. She joked–was it a joke?–that it was “pathetic” to be spending time on a comedy channel on the eve of Super Tuesday II. Afterward, she reportedly joked–was it a joke?–that the segment was “horrible.”

I almost–almost–feel sorry for her.

Quick, someone pinch me.

Okay, I’ve recovered.

Hillary Clinton gamely appeared on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Monday, the eve of crucial primary duels with Barack Obama in Ohio and Texas.

“Tomorrow is perhaps one of the most important days of your life, and you’ve chosen to spend the night before talking to me,” Stewart told Clinton, who was beamed in by satellite from Austin. “As a host, I’m delighted; as a citizen, I’m frightened. Senator, your response?”

“It is pretty pathetic,” she said…

…Though good-natured on Stewart’s show, she was asked off-air how she felt her appearance went. “It was horrible,” she said jokingly.

Watch and cringe:

Cackle count: A dismal 1.5.

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