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The Las Vegas Ricin Case: Man in Coma ID'd as Roger von Bergendorff
Lone nut or what?
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The Las Vegas Review-Journal obtained a DHS document with new details about the men connected to the bizarre ricin case. The man in a coma has been identified as Roger Von Bergendorff. The man who claimed to be Von Bergendorff’s “relative” who discovered the ricin vials in Von Bergendorff’s motel room has been identified as Thomas Tholen.

Las Vegas police spokesman Bill Cassell said Von Bergendorff “is not considered a criminal suspect.”

Lombardo said: “I don’t want to make any conclusions with the anarchist-type textbook. It doesn’t make you a terrorist because you have this type textbook. It doesn’t make you a terrorist if you possess firearms.”

Police said Von Bergendorff had a misdemeanor arrest several years ago but would release no other details until the ricin investigation is completed.

Suey said the suite was registered to the man, but she did not know how long he had stayed in the suite before his hospitalization.

…Suey said police do not know whether the former occupant of the hotel suite manufactured or possessed the substance. “Might he be a victim?” a reporter asked. “That’s possible,” she said.

Suey said people could have any number of reasons for wanting to make ricin.

“It could be experimental just to see if they can,” she said.

The last time Las Vegas police dealt with ricin was in 2003, when a 60-year-old man died after injecting himself with the poison.


CDC’s ricin health advisory.

Ricin and the umbrella murder.

CDI’s ricin backgrounder.

The London 2003 ricin scare.

South Carolina 2003 ricin incident.

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