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Soros-Backed "Grass Roots" Attack Groups Target McCain
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I love how Reuters calls the Soros-sponsored operatives uniting against John McCain “grass-roots:”

Democratic grass roots organizations on Monday launched a $20 million campaign to defeat Republican John McCain in the 2008 U.S. presidential election by focusing their attention on rising costs of the Iraq war.

The campaign, supported by former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, aims to link war spending with the ailing U.S. economy.

“There’s a great concern and anxiety, angst out there among most Americans about their economic security,” Edwards said in a teleconference from North Carolina. “All these things are made much worse by concern about what’s happening in Iraq … People don’t understand why we’re spending $500 billion and counting in Iraq.”

…Groups taking part in the new campaign are the Center for American Progress, USAction,,, Service Employees International Union and Americans United for Change.

What Reuters forgot to mention:

The Center for American Progress is Clintonista John Podesta’s think tank funded with Soros cash.

MoveOn is a Soros operation.

USAction is tied to Soros.’s chief adviser is Soros-backed Gen. Wesley Clark. And Americans United for Change is a Soros-linked, BDS front group.

How about a full disclosure and truth in labeling, Reuters?

Google is your friend.


There’s also the missed angle of John McCain’s own Soros ties.

But that’s apparently much too complicated and narrative-blowing for the MSM to dig into…

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