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Enviro-Zealots and Animal Rights Terrorists Run Amok
Gone wild.
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Three items for you:

1) Eco-zealots are bugging Japanese whaling ships–and they think it’s “funny:”

Anti-whaling activists from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society have admitted to bugging Japan’s whaling fleet with high-tech tracking devices in order to follow them.

Sea Shepherd’s vessel the Steve Irwin caught up with the Japanese whaling fleet near the Shackleton Ice Shelf on Saturday, having returned to Antarctic waters from a refueling pit stop in Melbourne. Sea Shepherd leader Paul Watson said the bugs had been planted on the Japanese harpoon boat Yushin Maru 2 when two of its crew boarded the vessel last month.

“That’s why when we left Melbourne it only took us nine days to find them. We went straight towards them,” Mr Watson said. “I think it’s really funny. They are probably ripping the ship apart right now trying to find them, but they aren’t going to find them.” Mr Watson said further tracking devices had also been planted on some of the other Japanese vessels. “We are not saying which ones, or how we did it, but we have the ability to follow the fleet and that’s what we are doing right now,” Mr Watson said.

2) Greenpeace nuts are breaching security to protest an airport expansion and “save the planet:”

Four activists from environmental campaigners Greenpeace breached security at London Heathrow to stage a protest on top of a jet against the airport’s planned expansion, the group said Monday.

The activists climbed on top of a British Airways Boeing 777 plane which had just landed from Manchester at around 0945 GMT and unfurled a huge banner across the tailfin reading: “Climate Emergency — No Third Runway”.

Their action came two days before the end of a government consultation on plans to expand Heathrow, notably by building a third runway, which have proved highly controversial with green campaigners and some local people. Supporters of the scheme including airlines and business argue that it is vital to sustain London’s status as a world financial centre.

One of those involved in the protest, Anna Jones, 27, said: “I am standing on this plane because our planet and the people who live on it are in danger. “Climate change can be beaten but not by doubling the size of the world’s biggest airport.”

3) And at UCLA, animal rights thugs continue to harass and intimidate scientists–causing a judge to issue restraining orders:

UCLA has sued extremists to stop a campaign of terrorism, vandalism and menacing threats directed at faculty and administrators who conduct or support research involving laboratory animals.

The lawsuit was filed Feb. 21 in Los Angeles County Superior Court. After a hearing, Judge Gerald Rosenberg granted a temporary restraining order prohibiting the defendants from harassing UCLA personnel or coming within 50 feet of them during a demonstration. The restraining order also requires that personal information about UCLA personnel be removed from Web sites maintained by extremists. Those failing to comply with the terms of the restraining order are subject to contempt of court. A hearing on a preliminary injunction is scheduled for March 12.


The lawsuit names three groups and five individuals as defendants and seeks a permanent injunction prohibiting them from harassing UCLA personnel or facilitating their harassment. The University of California Regents, which oversees all 10 UC campuses, is serving as the plaintiff of record on behalf of UCLA.

On three occasions since June 2006, Molotov cocktail-type devices have been left near the homes of UCLA faculty who conduct or oversee research involving animals. In addition, their homes have been vandalized and they have received threatening phone calls, e-mails and, on at least one occasion, a package rigged with razor blades. Extremists have appeared at residences in the middle of the night, worn ski masks to conceal their identity and used megaphones to shout threats, obscenities and epithets.

The defendants are groups known as the UCLA Primate Freedom Project, the Animal Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Brigade, as well as several individuals believed to affiliate with these groups, including Linda Faith Greene, Hillary Roney, Kevin Olliff, Ramin Saber and Tim Rusmisel. The suit alleges that these groups and individuals have promoted and facilitated unlawful activities directed against UCLA faculty and administrators. The Animal Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Brigade have in some cases claimed responsibility for unlawful activities directed against UCLA personnel and their homes.

Saving the planet by any means necessary. Laws and lives be damned.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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