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The Oscars Open Thread...Or NASCAR Open Thread; Update: Sicko Loses; Hollywood Uses the Troops, Gives Lukewarm Reception, Then Bashes Them; Update: A Gulf War Vet Responds
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Scroll down for updates…video and anti-war babbling added below…plus: a Gulf War vet responds…

Who’ll stroll the red carpet in an Obama t-shirt? How long until the first outbreak of BDS is spotted? With Jon Stewart as the host of tonight’s Oscars, politicization of Hollyweird’s biggest night is certain.

A brief preview:

The “green” limos are ready and graceful gowns begged, borrowed and bought. Hollywood is ready for a glittering Oscar Sunday, but the films that will be honored are expected to be darkly pessimistic and the comedy sharply political.

Having hired America’s leading political satirist, Jon Stewart, as master of ceremonies during a presidential campaign, Oscar organizers hope to spice up Hollywood’s big night with jokes that will be repeated around the water cooler on Monday.

Oscar producer Gil Cates has promised an award ceremony filled with big stars such as George Clooney, Cate Blanchett, Broadway songstress Kristin Chenoweth and teen idol Miley Cyrus to cheer the crowd. Yet, rainy weather may conspire against the festivities and dampen the red carpet that had been expected to burst with bold colors.

Hollywood can’t say it has been a happy camper this Oscar season as a three-month long screenwriters strike, which ended earlier this month, caused awards shows to be canceled or drastically curtailed.

Oscar watchers say this year’s best film nominees reflect the mood of the 5,800 voting members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The two frontrunning movies for the best film honor are violent, a third nominee tells of corporate and legal greed, a fourth of family betrayal and the fifth teen pregnancy — that’s the funny one.

You could always skip the show and watch my favorite, wonderful John Wayne videoclip again.

Here it is.


Several commenters are watching the NASCAR race. Feel free to shoot the breeze about the Auto Club 500 instead!


Update: Speaking of dramatic performances, someone give Hillary Clinton an award for this rip-roaring, Obama-bashing monologue.

Update 8:41pm Eastern. Rather mild political humor from Jon Stewart in his opening monologue.

Re. Obama: “Normally, when you see a black man as president, an asteroid is about to hit the Statue of Liberty.”

Follows up with a weak joke about “Barack Hussein Obama…His middle name is the same as Saddam’s last name, his last name rhymes with Osama…remember that candidate from the 1940s? ‘Gaydolph Titler.'”

Update 11:54pm Eastern. I turned it off. Couldn’t stand the self-congratulatory orgy anymore. Anyway, commenters and e-mailers send word that 1) Michael Moore’s “Sicko” lost out to a BDS documentary, “Taxi to the Dark Side” and 2) The Academy Awards featured soldiers in Iraq introducing the short documentary category…followed by anti-war statements by the last presenter award-winner, according to readers who watched. Several commenters say the applause for the troops was lukewarm. Allah watched it, too, and reports that the reception for the troops was “middling.”

But, you know what they say: DON’T QUESTION THEIR PATRIOTISM!

Here’s the vid of our troops–God bless ’em all:

The video was followed by these remarks:

Director Alex Gibney accepting his best documentary feature Oscar for the Iraq war-related “Taxi To the Dark Side”: “Lets hope we can turn this country around, move away from the dark side and turn back to the light.”

Update 1:00am Eastern. Gulf War I Vet Kyle Smith responds to Hollyweird’s “Axis of Chutzpah”…(hat tip: Libertas)

Given that the most recent statistics show that approximately 97.4 percent of all documentaries present America as a scary place and of those 97.4, most are meant to present the troops in Iraq as overmatched at best and as abusive, sadistic criminals at worst, it’s pretty cheeky of the Oscars to have troops serving overseas present the Oscar for best documentary short subject.

“Move away from the dark side and back to the light,” the director of “Taxi to the Dark Side” says. I doubt our troops agree that we are stuck in the dark side. I think they would argue that the vast majority of them abide by the law, by the rules of engagement and by their own moral compasses, yet they get little feeling of support from their country because those who work in the media are bent on presenting sordid, depraved and illegal acts committed by members of the military and intelligence services (which are of course elements in this war, as they are in every war) as the norm in order to undercut the war and defund the troops.

Allah’s got the vid of Gibney’s speech.

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