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Name That Flavor: Make Your Own Ben and Jerry's Obama Ice Cream
Empty calories.
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AP reports that Barack Obama supporters Ben and Jerry, the Vermont ice cream-selling moonbats, have named a flavor in honor of his campaign–“Cherries for Change”–and are rolling out a fleet of “ObamaMobiles” (hat tip: reader Jim R.) to give away their political desserts:

The founders of Ben & Jerry’s endorsed Barack Obama on Monday and lent his Vermont campaign two “ObamaMobiles” that will tour the state and give away scoops of “Cherries for Change” ice cream.

“If there was ever a need for real change, and if there ever was a candidate to inspire us and make that happen, it’s now,” said Ben Cohen.

Added Jerry Greenfield: “Barack is showing that when you lead with your values and follow what you have inside that good things will happen.”

Echoing Obama, Greenfield said he and Cohen succeeded when they opened their ice cream shop 30 years ago in Burlington by doing things differently, instead of copying the “tired ways” of doing business.

“What we saw is that when you want real change it’s not a marketing slogan. You have to do things differently. And that is not going to be done by someone who’s been involved in the system for years and years,” Greenfield said, echoing Obama’s criticisms of his rival, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“Cherries for Change?” Bah. So bland and uninspiring.

Can you do better?

Head on over to the flavor generator!

I made the Messiahmallow Mash–a confection of empty calories with a caramel and gooey honey base mixed with ample chunks of fudge, gummy bears, and pretzels, finished off with swirls of soft marshmallows and more fudge. Unbearably sweet and heavenly with zero nutritional value:


Here’s my second suggestion: Cherry Obama. He stole the ingredients of B&J’s Cherry Garcia ice cream and called it his own:


And the obvious one several readers have already e-mailed–Baracky Road:


Reader Jeff Goodin’s submission:


Danegerus whips up some Appease-Mint.

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