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"Blow Up the Danish Embassies and Kill the Ambassadors"
Support Denmark and the Netherlands.
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Iran and its bloodthirsty minions are ramping up the pretextual Mo Cartoon outrage. While Iranian lawmakers call for cutting off trade and political ties to Denmark and Netherlands over republication of the Mohammed Cartoons, jihadis are wielding their machetes again:

In a letter to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, some 215 lawmakers of Iran’s 290-seat assembly said Iran should review trade and political links with Denmark and the Netherlands to respond to “an anti-Islamic and Islamophobic current” in Holland and Denmark.

“We, representatives of the honorable Iranian nation, condemn this devil measure. We ask the president … to seriously review Iran’s political and trade ties with these countries,” the lawmakers said in the letter.

In the Gaza Strip, controlled by the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, a leader of a militants’ umbrella group called on Muslim faithful to attack Danish embassies and diplomats.

“Blow up the Danish embassies and kill the ambassadors,” Abu Abir, spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), said at an open-air news conference in a Gaza square, where PRC members burnt a Danish flag.

“We urge (Islamist fighters) to track down those who printed the cartoons, those who drew them and those who published them and slaughter them immediately,” he said.

Danish police arrested two Tunisians and a Dane of Moroccan descent last Tuesday, accusing them of planning to kill a cartoonist who drew one of the images.

Dozens of Islamist students burned the Danish flag in southern Pakistan on Thursday, while in Kuwait, several parliamentarians called for a boycott of Danish goods.

Since they’ve renewed their boycott threats, it’s time to renew the “Buy Danish” campaign and start one in support of the Netherlands again. Sammenhold.

Here’s a list of Danish goods I compiled during the first Buy Danish campaign in 2006:

The Buy Danish blog provides this helpful list of Danish products:


Arla milk, cheese etc.

Danish crown (meat)

Lurmaerket Butter

Danish Bacon

Thor Fish

Danisco Food


Toms (chocolate)


Galle & Jessen


Tuborg Beer

Carlsberg Beer

Aalborg Aquavit (snaps)








Per Reumert




Danish Design:

Royal Copenhagen

Georg Jensen



Lego (toys)

Brio (toys)

Raadvad (knives etc.)

Trip Trap

HTH- kitchen

Morsoe (Fireplaces)

Royal Danish Porcelain

B & G Porcelain

Vesta (Windmills)

B & O radioes/televisions etc.


Watco Danish Furniture Oil

Buy Danish yarn.

Denmark’s exporter directory.

The Danish Food shop

Danish Deli Food


More stuff made in Denmark.

If anyone has a Dutch products list/recommendations or wants to come up with a Buy Dutch logo, feel free to send along.


It’s the eighth night of rioting in Denmark by The Yoots. Jim Hoft has video. Lawhawk underscores the pretextual nature of the stage-managed cartoon riots.

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