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Music Video: Superdelegate (It's Not Easy)
I’m only a gal in a crusty pants suit...
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John Ondrasik of Five for Fighting will probably kill me, but I rewrote the lyrics to his famous ballad, “Superman (It’s Not Easy)” to capture Hillary Clinton’s plight. (The latest: Clinton Camp May Regret Largely Turning Its Back on Caucus States). We have just posted our Hot Air music tribute to her. Enjoy the video and feel free to sing along and do your best fake Hillary sob:

Superdelegate (It’s Not Easy)

The Ventilators

Lyrics, piano, and Hillary impersonation: Michelle Malkin

Video production: Bryan Preston

I can’t stand to lose

I’m not going to quit

If Democrats don’t choose

Me, Bill will throw a fit

I’m more than Barack, I’m the real change

More than some pretty face and funny name

It’s not easy to be me

Think I’ll fake a cry

Right up here on stage

You know it’s a lie

‘Cuz I’m really full of rage

It may sound absurd, but I’ve got to believe

I am going to retake the lead

I’m falling behind but I will not concede

Even Clintons have the right to dream

It’s not easy to be me

Obama’s pulling away…away from me

And it’s not right…gotta fly to Texas tonight

And win Ohio…Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Hawaii, Wyoming, Mississippi, Puerto Rico, West Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon, Montana, South Dakota. …and Wisconsin…

I can’t stand to lose

I’m not going to quit

I am going to bribe

The superdelegates

I’m more than Barack, I’m the real change

More than some pretty face and funny name

I’m only a gal in a crusty pants suit

Looking for Democrats who’ll vote for me…Vote for Hillary –ee Vote for Hillary

I’m only a gal with a bogus tear streak

Only a gal who is gonna be beat

I’ll be your Barack, please, please, please elect me.

It’s not easy, oh..oh..oh

It’s not easy to be me..

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Hillary Clinton