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Impeachment Watch: Still Going
"A real study in democracy."
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Denny K has hung up his impeachment noose, but the BDS crowd continues to ride its hobby horse hard into the ground. Boulder is attempting to pass an impeachment resolution, but probably won’t be able to muster enough votes next Tuesday. But Victoria Taft reports that the moonbat enclave of Cannon Beach, Oregon succeeded in passing its own resolution:

In a split vote on Super Tuesday, during the regular meeting of the Cannon Beach City Council, a resolution was passed to impeach President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

The call for impeachment began with the last wishes of Cannon Beach resident Gainor Minott, who asked Rex and Diane Amos to pursue an impeachment of the president and the vice president. The Amoses collected 227 signatures from residents of Cannon Beach to present to the council in support of a call for impeachment. Minott died in September.

The council heard comments from 16 people on the matter: eight people asking for an approval and eight people urging the council to drop the matter.

Rex Amos was one of those who spoke to the council, and during his presentation, he asked members to pass the resolution unanimously in the spirit of Minott and to honor her name. The resolution passed 3-2; council president Jay Raskin, council member Jerome Arnold and council member Sam Steidel voted to pass the resolution while Mayor John Williams and council member Nancy Giasson voted against.

“I really appreciate our council for doing this,” said Rex Amos. “It was a real study in democracy. That’s the way it should be, done with passion and civility on both sides.”

The resolution marks an unusual step by a city council, and it is believed that Cannon Beach is the first city in the state of Oregon to call for the impeachment of the United States government’s leader and second in command.

Wonder how many of them were wearing Chavista berets?

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