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Ray Nagin Photo Caption Contest! Updated
Fired up.
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The Chocolate City clown mayor, Ray Nagin, is alive and kicking. What’s he doing after having confiscated the guns of law-abiding citizens during Hurricane Katrina?

Look for yourselves. (Click for full pic.) is holding a photo caption contest.*

Lagniappe’s Lair wants Second Amendment activists to pitch in.

Have at it. Should be like, well, shooting fish in a barrel.

A chocolate barrel.


*Update: The Times-Picayune issued some sort of “clarification” about the photo. Readers of the paper are lambasting the paper for caving in to Nagin. A commenter who saw the news clip of the press conference where the photo was taken writes: “ok – I just saw the film on the news. It[‘]s worse then the picture. He swings it around pointing it at the chief and everyone in the room. No excuse for that.”



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Katrina chaos boosts case for 2nd Amendment

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